Goofy Song Idea - Bash It

Here’s an old demo that I dug up recently. It’s just a short piece that’s not serious. It was recorded and written around 2009 -2010 on my little BOSS BR-8 (8 track recorder), using a Shure SM58 for vocals. I may add parts to it and complete it, but I probably wouldn’t put much time and/ or effort into this one, as I don’t think it is particularly valuable. Just throwing this on here to create more activity in here and to get other’s impressions regarding the song and recording. I’m always interested in knowing how other’s see my song ideas and recordings.

It’s got a cool be-bop thing about it, kind of reminds me of The Tubes in some ways. Many other bands/songs I can’t put my finger on maybe. It has a cool thing about it, that if turned into a song, could be very compelling. I would say, don’t ever downgrade creativity as “not serious” … if you put time into doing it then it has some value as a statement of some kind. Usually, we just want these kind of ideas developed into a whole paradigm that gives us context or completion. Beginning, middle, end. Or, presentation, explication, and denouement/catharsis/climax/resolution. Just take us on a journey. Basically … storytelling. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey Stan, I agree with you, that I shouldn’t downgrade any of my ideas or songs as “not serious” or lacking value. I guess I was just looking at this as a comedy song or a joke song that has a style that might not go over well with the audience that would like my harder rock songs. Personally I like the fun vibe that it has, but I just don’t think it’s got a wide appeal. I like quite a few bands that used to include these kinds of fun “joke songs” on their albums. Van Halen did quite a few of them (Women and Children First, Big Bad Bill, Happy Trails, even Ice Cream Man has some of that fun humor but they dress it up with a heavy style. David Lee Roth’s cover of Just A Gigolo is a memorable instance of a hard rock artist using a vastly different style and comedy in their music. Aerosmith and Zeppelin also had songs that seemed obviously and intentionally playful and comedic. Songs like Big Ten Inch, Hot Dog and even D’yer Maker seem to be playful experiments that show the band’s lighter side.

For sure! I’m confident I could put together more decent parts for this. I’ve got something in particular in mind for a chorus.

Thanks for your input, Stan !

I think it’s worth working on @Wicked. The BGV you have are perfect but horns, harmonica or slide guitar would fit well too.

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Love the gay/straight line. Reminds me slightly of lay down sally just a touch. Love the guitar tones. Wish I could do that. I haven’t ever tried an SM58 in the studio. I have five for the ole band. The smell of stale beer might be a deterrent tho.
Yeah, I would take this one and ramble on a bit with it. It just feels good. Great to here yur stuff man

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Yes, music is the Universal Language, which should include comedy, to be well-rounded. When I did that theme song a few months ago - “Spican Flame Gems” - I definitely had that in mind. DLR/VH had that for sure, and the others you mentioned. Until I heard “I’m The Man”, I had never heard of Anthrax (the band) before. I thought it was great fun, and loved all the voices and antics. Posting it below if you never heard it somehow. Mid to late 80’s I think. Notice the Parental Advisory on the image, and send any kiddos out of the room. :slightly_smiling_face: Must.Have.Fun! :grin:


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Hey, Lee @ingolee , now that you mention it, I can see horns, harmonica and slide guitar being used as interesting additional instrumentation. I’ll keep that it mind. Thanks for your perspective!

Good to know, Paul @feaker .
I wonder if that line might cause some politically correct folks to get their knickers in a knot ? That line seems pretty light-hearted and unoffensive to me, but political correctness is at an all time high right now, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some people were offended by that line. I have many songs with lyrics that are much more offensive than this one. I’m glad that you liked that lyric because you might be hearing more lyrics like that (x10 on the vulgarity scale) from me in the future. I got a feeling that you won’t be offended in the least but I’m not sure others will appreciate my lyrics as much as you. :+1:

I used the built-in Amp simulators on the BOSS BR-8 recording machine for the guitar tones. The recorder is an old 8 track standalone machine that uses ZIP discs for it’s hard drive.

I haven’t recorded with my SM58 in many years. The reason I used it for this recording is because the BOSS BR-8 doesn’t have phantom power, so I was unable to use my condenser mics. My SM58 probably still smells like beer and nightclub smoke too, even though I haven’t been gigging recently. There’s a nice big dent in the mic grill too , that was caused by some drunk guy jumping up on the stage and falling against my mic stand and knocking it over.

I’m glad to know that you guys like this song idea to some degree. It gives me more motivation to work on it and create a complete, finished song. :+1 Thanks, Paul !

Ah, yes, this was the first song that made me pay closer attention to Anthrax. I hadn’t really cared for any of their other stuff before I heard “I’m The Man”, but I found that song so entertaining and funny that it made me appreciate them much more. I never really got into their music very much when Joey Belladonna was the singer (except for “I’m The Man”), but when John Bush replaced Belladonna and Anthrax released “Sound Of White Noise” my appreciation of them grew a lot more. I really like much of that album.

I just listened/ watched the video of I’m The Man, thinking that I probably wouldn’t dig it as much as I used too, but to my surprised it still entertains me and I found myself laughing at the style and lyrics. Good stuff! Thanks for posting, Stan!

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Just my thoughts on this, if it’s your honest artistic statement or proclamation then it is what it is. Gratuitous vulgarity for shock value doesn’t usually work well (Rap fans may disagree :smirk:), but if something is part of telling a story I think it can serve the story/song. I remember way back, a song by The Who - “Who Are You” - dropped the f*** bomb and was never bleeped or edited. I don’t know how that happened on radio airplay, but I heard it that way many times. It was one improv on the chorus lyrics through the song. It served the story and the song, and felt ‘genuine’.

You can always add your “Advisory” if you think some people might be offended or may have children in the background. In music, as in comedy, if you let political correctness corrupt it then it’s on its way to a long slow death.

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I can’t be around anyone who is politically correct. Seriously. I also don’t care what others think of who I am or what I say. “They” say anyone under 5 or over 50 simply don’t care. Did you ever see a 5 year old up on stage singing in a school program with stage fright. ha ha Add 67 years to that child.
You are talking to a guy who got thrown off facebook three times for two days and the last time for a month so far this year. I only use FB for marketplace now. carry on ole friend and give us more of your song tease

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