Golden by we were astrounauts

Since Warren has provide these lately and has a live mixing video for these tracks I am going to make them my next challenge. If anybody would like to join in and give them a go this link should get you close.


Ok so i finally got some time to work on this… thanks for the feedback.

Hey Eric, the balances are all right there and this sounds really good! I mean, really really good! Nice job!

The only thing I don’t “like” (subjective opinion warning!) is the snare. It stands out to me as a “pffft!” sound instead of a nice sharp transient if that makes sense. Like I said, that’s just a personal issue I have with “that” sound, so…

Can I ask what compressor you are using on your snare/drum buss? That is a sound I’ve been associating with the API2500, but it could be just heavy compression. I haven’t taken the time to just sit down and test it out yet.

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Hey, very pleasing song to listen and congrats for entering this contest, I wish you luck!
From what I listen to, the main vocal is upfront and is easy to distinguish, nothing to hide it. The bass guitar really drives the song and the snare is really punchy, which is what it should do for that genre.
I’m not very pleased with the overall tone of your mix since I find it muffled (except for some synth tracks) and (low-)mid heavy. I would cut some 200-ish and add high-end around 5.5 k on everything but the lead vocal and synths.

By the way, very nice work and great work, I really enjoy this!

thanks @miked Mike I appreciate that.

yeah didn’t like it either. I did use trigger to add something to it and then i think I just got used to it and there you go. Always a danger getting used to something, that is why i like getting feedback.

yes it is the Plus 10db compressor from Boz digital.

Thanks @ncls I appreciate that feedback. This is something I am working on so although I am not happy to hear I still have more work to do it is good to know where I am at and it helps.

Good to know - thanks! Now I’m pretty sure it’s “how” a snare is compressed, not what is compressing it. Need to investigate further… :thinking:

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