Going on a vacation..put this one together the last couple of days...is the riff used anywhere else?

My daughter is going for a vacation so ma and I are going to house sit with my 14 and 16 year olds. ha ha

Will be hard to leave my studio. I started playing this riff and worked it into a song start. Not sure what chord that would be? No real levels set yet. Breedlove DI on right and my old tackamine on the right thru a 414 at 20 inches.

I am so in love with you…I haven’t told you so

All this time we’ve been best friends…but I still think you know

You are sweet…you are kind…you are fun you are true

Yur the one… I just know…I should tell this to you

could be bad…maybe be sad…would it end what we had .

don’t know…what I should …do…should I tell her?

Watchin tv on the couch snuggled close to you

Stuck some popcorn in my mouth ya pulled off both my shoes

Could it be…what I see…that is happenin to me

It is real…what I feel…you have changed it’s surreal

It’s like wow…not sure how I feel your arms around me now

It’s everything I’d hope it might be

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Nice song Paul! Great lyrics that I guess anybody could relate to. I like the sound of the guitars too. I’m trying to think of something to bash, but can’t. I’m listening on my laptop so I I’m not sure if the balance is good. Little low on the bass, but that could well be the effect of my laptop.
Once again a lovely little pearl from Paul :grin:

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Hi Evert I usually over-bass. This is the first time I didn’t go with my ear when establishing the bass level. I put it at the same level as the acoustics. The headphones I use with my laptop amplifies the bass, so it is hard that way. On my makie monitors it did sound anemic. thanks bud

Sounds good, Paul !

I really like the 2 guitars wide panned. There’s a nice stereo effect going on in the headphones. Good song, too!

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I guess just by playing another different track brings on the ole stereo?? ha ha Miss my studio already

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Sounds heartfelt & emotional. Nice song and audio quality! Guitar playing and tone is nice.

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