Goals for 2020

Goals for 2020

2020 is the year I’m going to learn to be a vocalist and work on songwriting.
My wife got me voice lessons as one of my Christmas gifts.

Added goal I should probably work more on how mic placement affects the recording and study more/experiment more on mic placement, and positioning of the vocalist for recording purposes. And study my own voice more from the mixing aspect.


I always enjoy these kind of threads. :+1:

I’ll be back later to state my goals for 2020’

  1. Be breathing a year from now
  2. Go back on the list of 45 songs (out of 120) I have written that I actually like and rework them Some have a lousy story. Some have a lame melody line. Some reek of rookie mistakes etc
  3. Start using midi instead of just recording guitars
  4. Talk my old band members into getting out and playing benefits again.
    Not so sure I wanna make any new ones from scratch

I have a project I’m working on right now that will either be an EP or an album, depending on how much I add to it. I’d like to release that sometime early-ish next year.

Other than that, my goal this year is to spend a lot of time making music and to have a lot of fun/fulfillment during the process. Wherever that leads is all good by me.

Happy New Year!


sounds like some good plans.

my first goal is to stop buying gear, ive done the past 3yrs mainly playing a pretend gear tester and all that is what it is, good and bad and a lot of wasted time. like a cheaper version of Brandon buying all the high end stuff and not hearing the big wow…is a let down. I can only imagine buiying a big studio to have no customers etc… what did he say the gear he waited for arrived and when he plugged it in it reminded him of the first time his pecker didn’t work…lol The Disappointment Series was so frkn great, I miss his site of humor.

hopefully will just enjoy writing, recording now and then and focus on mixing skills, and sell off the clutter gear that is sitting around. lol…what did Grateful Dead say “what a long strange trip its been”?
Im with Brandon, my $2000 preamps don’t do anything for me the free PodFarm Platinum cant do and then some, which is FREE for me for life. So yeah, the Learning about rooms and mics and preamps is done, ok, big deal…trying to think a closet studio is going to sound like EMI or Columbia giant rooms is pretty thwarted. Like thinking a stock Ford Pinto will win a Indy 500 race.

The Disappointment Series pretty much sums up 2019.

2020 a new book.