Glad to be here,,, nice find :D

Just wanted to say hi,

Nice to see something like this exists,

Looks like fun !!!


Welcome Rich! Rock on in!..

Check out the mix comp we have running, if that’s your thing:

…or post your own recordings to get and give feedback on your songs:

Feel free to tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’re up to.

Well, you asked, lol,
played guitar since I was a kid,
Loved playing in a band for the wrong reason, lol, To me all about the music,
I found most guys played because of the girls, lol,
all good, but it was always about the music for me,
Got into the digital recording just before I broke my back, which left me with left lower side not really functional and lots of pain, lol,

So, once again music is finding a new way for me to be a part of it…
I’m trying to learn and grow as much as things will let me, and help where I can,
I doubt I’ll be ablt to make a career of this at 54, lol… but that won’t stop me from trying, lol,

I use Studio One by Presonus and help in a couple of facebook groups also,
so I’m learning enough to be able to contribute a bit,
Mostly, I always have fun, no matter whats going on,
Laugh through life has been a blessing for me,
THings can be tough, but if one can find the humor in lifes changes, for me it keeps me sane hahaha,
almost scary , eh ??? lol,

Thanks for the welcome, and nice to meet you !!!


Great back story - good to hear you’re keeping positive in the face of adversity. Thanks!

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I too am glad to hear that you are finding a way to use music in healing. I look forward to reading you around and learn with you.

@TheRocker ! Welcome! another studio one user , I may have to pick your brain if I run into trouble. Glad you joined our fantastic community (slightly biased)

I see what u did there

Yeah, no kidding… And Andrew @ColdRoomStudio says I am the Dad joke king? I think not! :grin:

Seriously, welcome Rich! We are very glad to have you with us. Looking forward to the musical journey and if we can be part of the music continuing to help you stay positive, all the better. This is a really outstanding bunch and there is a great vibe here. Enjoy!

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Thanks Gent!


Thank you for the warm welcome every one !!!
Glad Boz Digitals sent an email and put the contest on here,
Such an unexpected pleasure to find such a place…
I’m spreading the word, lol,

cptfiasco any time I can help, just let me know,

Ha !!! , I did give a little back story, lol, too funny

I’ve been cruising through the site a bit,
Lots of great work showing here,
awesome input and all with respect :smiley:

Looks like a very creative bunch here !!!
Very inspiring,