Give this a spin if you have a to improve on it

Give this a spin if you have a to improve on it
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I have a friend who is totally dominated by his big mouth live in. He used to be a lot of fun, but now his life is a mess. I told him I would write a song about it. I played it for him and he said he would never consider taking a stand. It’s sad. Anyhow, It is called I’m gonna be free. I recorded myself glugging a beer to simulate drinking to get enough courage to leave. Let me guess, I bet it sounds 60’s.
ha ha




Hi! @feakker

Nice vibe!

What I would try to improve:

  • the snare and the whole drums sounding too dry, I think I’d like to hear some more punch
  • a little more FXs on vocals to make them feel bigger, or less dry too

Good luck, see you soon.


All your recordings are pretty damn good Paul, all the time.

I agree with this, the drums could use some automation to make them louder during the parts with the toms taking over. I’d definitely see if you could make the drums wider. I love you though. If you need someone to guzzle copious amounts of alcohol again, I’m your man.


I like it! Cool harmony, wish I could do that. You could fx the vocals some I guess, but dry drums are ok with me.

The bass has this really low almost runaway fundamental in spots that is kind of weird, I’d probably tighten that up, but it’s no big deal, maybe just my system.

But really . . . who remembers the '60’s?


Hi I shall call you niner…at least for now. I am 68 3/4 years old and am not giving up yet. ha ha
Ok, I will do something with those drums and mess with the vox as well. thank you for your comments and nice meeting you




Hi bud. Glad you think my stuff isn’t junk. I’ll take pretty damn good for sure. I don’t know how to do the automation thangy or make them wider. Maybe studio one has that? I’ll look see. I was very surprised that the glug of beer came threw like that. ha ha Thanks for your help.



Hi Ingo Yes, I like messin with the harmonies. I sometimes go a little overboard there. I put an EQ setting on the bass called round and deep. It carves out an area I think around the 200-400 area. It seems to let the vocal be heard better. I will check that out. I graduated from hs in 1966 ha ha thanks



haha, pretty cool and some nice harmonies

paints picture of some B movie based in the Nevada desert

by “wider” with the drums im assuming it is meant to add some reverb to give them some depth (dont have to go crazy with it). But also of course if the drums are stereo then there is always panning stuff like cymbals (and toms to a lesser degree) out to the sides etc.


Haha Like your take on the track. I am using some drums right in studio one on this one. I don’t know if they are stereo or not, but I can experiment with some reverb. I just wish there was one selection that said “drum reverb” ha ha thanks for the comments




Enjoyed the listen. Hope your mate sorts himself .


It sounds pretty good to me and I hope you reached your initial idea.
I agree with previous replies about drums being too dry and maybe too shy. I mean, the snare drum for instance sounds more or less the same during the song and I wish that it sounds “stronger” (or hitting harder).
Mixing-wise I also found the mix a bit too “formal” when it could get more character: some fuzz on the electric guitar, jazzbass neck sound for the bass, some pretty and not-that-shy room reverb…

By the way, nice song and nice work man!


Ooh yes!!! This is a beauty Paul…
Love the gnarl of the guitars and the drive-vibe. Great beginning, too, nice mood-setting. Your songwriting is going from strength to strength!
My improvement thoughts… hmm, cool song… overall I’d just like a bit MORE, more volume more angry more grrrunt…there is a cool fierceness to the song… I like that. I’d like the vocal even a bit more gritty angry… and to hear those gnarly guitars even more, they are very cool.

Sorry I’m late to the party, been away at my son’s wedding… phew, back to unreal world now :sunglasses:


Great song, Paul - Very hooky. Just listening on cruddy speakers at work - you just keep gettin’ better! Nice.


Hi I have a drummer friend from our old band that I will send this to. He will listen and then come to my house and play along with real drums. Presently I can’t mess with that snare. I do have EZdrummer and you can select different drum sounds. I don’t like most of their choices tho. I can play the guitar parts over and nasty up that a bit. I googled up jazzbass neck sound and couldn’t find much. I’m still learnin.
Thanks for the help




Emma oh Emma How art thou? Ok, I will have to make this a bit nastier. I’ll wear some real tight underwear when I resing this and see if i can get that vocal more kick ass.

Congrats to your son. Yup, it’s a tuckering ordeal

I found a trinket at a roadside sale and it reminded me of you on piano. Just no time to send it. I have been paining and staining my daughter Leslie’s basement project. I have had it. ha ha

see ya



Hi bud. I have been playing a lot more guitar lately. Usually when I make a new song it is usually only a few minutes playing and the rest tinkering and lyrics. Lots of empty dead spots I have to deal with next.
Good to hear from you friend



Here are a couple of bass sounds :slightly_smiling_face:

Like guitar, selecting different mics on the instrument give different sounds.
Neck mic is the one with the typical bass sound (playing with fingers).


Wow, this is very interesting. I play an old squire bass. I don’t know why I haven’t purchased a good bass. My guitars are top of the line. Anyhow, I do play with my fingers only (guitar sometimes too)
This gives me something to mess with. thanks for that




You’re welcome, this forum is just here for that :+1:
By the way, this video is amazing to compare different bass sounds!


Nice mix Paul. The drums sound reminiscent of the sixties that’s cool. You have such a high voice for your profile very original sounding, unique. Would like to hear the bass more. Like the guitar arrangement. Makes me glad I chose to buy a vox amp recently!