Give me a reason to leave ,mix

Another great track from Pat.I had some balls ups with this lol

Nice one, Alan.
Typing as I listen. Despite the chill vibe, there is a real tension in that intro section (almost first minute). I like the bass tone overall, but I think the overtones are a little to present in the mix and seem to be clashing or overpowering the other instruments. I don’t have the best ear for tuning, but it may even be that it is a touch out of tune with the guitar and keys…dunno. Personally, I’d pull the bass back a little overall anyway (and I’m a bass player!!! It’s against the law for us to say that!!!).
I really like the compressed, thuddy kick.
The guitar sounds great and I like how you have chosen NOT to smother it with delay or reverb. Toms are killer too!
The tambourines (?) and cymbals are well spread.

Overall, it’s a great mix. I listened a couple of times and came to the conclusion that, in my very humble opinion, the bass sound is actually similar to one I use all the time, except in heavy, stoner rock. It almost feels a little too aggressive in the high end in this track only in comparison to the other instruments. Still, it’s just a style thing and others may love it.
Nice job! Good song too!

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Cheers i get what you are saying .Cheers fot the listen