Giged my garage with my granddaughterGracie live for the first time

Giged my garage with my granddaughterGracie live for the first time
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I asked my good friend Jeffo, my former bandmate, to play drums for this laidback garage gig. My family (5 sibs) were all there all got up and sung with us at times. The real purpose was to get Gracie (12) to have an experience playing with a live band. We did not practice and it sounds like it. ha ha Jeff’s son Adam tried to play bass along with this, he had a lot of trouble because was difficult especially when Gracie substituted an “Dmin7” for an “F” chord. After this night was over I was a little concerned about the lack of prep and quality, but in a crazy way this was better :slight_smile: I’m the old dude with the red shirt. Kinda fun not playing anything . ha ha Her courage got better and sang louie louie and brown eyed girl later.

Thanks for listening friends




That was fantastic!

She has a beautiful voice. Getting the family involved with this kind of stuff is great. My family is packed with musicians of various types, but to my knowledge, none of us have ever played together (though I do work with my teenage daughter as a consultant/engineer/extra set of ears on occasion)

You’re a great guy for making it happen.


Thanks Caleb It was tough hearing the bass going off so much. I could have had her sing it with just the acoustic. She told me later that it was awesome and she could keep her timing so much better. I still can’t get her to jump on the mic. ha ha One good thing is the blonde that comes into the picture (Rachel 13) told her mom "I wonder if grampy would teach me the guitar too. We had so much fun. Played all that was requested from eight days to week to shook me all night long. ha ha Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment




Just wonderful, Gracie looks so serious, full concentration and to boot she can sing - Paul you had better steer the course for her, I believe she can make you proud.
Thanks for sharing this - the best of times.


yay,… just popped on here briefly and it was a delight to watch and listen Paul… she has got real talent, a delight to behold and such a cool feeling to pop over and be a part of it all. Now was that a beer you downed so quick right in the beginning or just a soda???
Back to work for me now, but with a smile for sure!!


Hi Emma Yes, I thought it would be cool to see us in person. I wish more folks would do that. It is bottled water I am drinking. I don’t drink anymore cuz of the ticker. The best to you friend.




She’s a natural Paul, I would be very proud if I was her grandad.

Plenty of vids of Salem on YT, and I bet most of us have something or other we could post. How about Bash This Vid? Or maybe something less pressured, like “…and this is me”.


Yes, I kinda started that with saying how it was cool to see face when you are commenting (avatar post). I get it about staying private. When you get older you really don’t care how you act or what you say. Henceforth posting a video that is out of tune and not practiced. Thanks for listening and enjoying our relaxed craziness. ha ha




She has a beautiful voice! I very much enjoyed this. I am inspired to convert my garage (not that I will). lol


Gracie sounds so good and has great stage presence! Both of you should be very proud! I hope you do this more.

I did not grow up in a musical household. I was not even in band. My younger brother did get an electric guitar, however, and I sang (poorly) in the choir, and every summer we visited my grandma, and my uncles had muscular dystrophy but played guitar, harmonica, and sang, country, but were perhaps my greatest musical inspiration. And I have not personally inspired any youngsters to pursue music or anything really, but I respect you a lot and envy you a little.

Thanks for sharing, Paul!


I can’t say that I wasn’t waiting for that damn big ass compressor to turn on as I was watching the video. But, she sounds great. Hopefully, if I’m ever fortunate to have grand kids I could experience this also.

Tell her great job and keep it up!


When I was 12 I had a four track recorder and a sound FX disc. Some friends of mine and I got together and recorded on it. We pretended to be inept criminals that escape capture through sheer luck and ignorance. I slowed the tape speed down so we sounded older, because of the three of us only my voice had dropped. So the other two guys sound normal and I sound like a 400 pound football player. I’d tape police sirens and shots onto the other tracks. One of our friends would die in every track, and come back in the next one with no explanation before South Park and Kenny did the same gag. It’s infantile humor for sure, but I still have quotes from those in my head. If anyone is interested I can post some of them. I think your daughter is a much better musical contributer than I was at 12. Congratulations, I envy you.


Hi I like your pic. Hard to put a face to your clown name. ha ha So, you started out very young as well. Funny how this music stuff gets in and stays. Might have been a typo, but that is my granddaughter, not daughter. I am 68. I suppose that could have been a possibility tho. Thanks for the listen




Yeah, just a typo. I converted those recordings over to digital in the '90s when the A/D converters still sucked. I oughta copy them over again if I can find them. It’s over an hour of NSFW comedy.


You had me at NSFW!


Excellent stuff from your granddaughter! She’s a good little singer! She’s lucky to have such an encouraging and helpful grandpa who can help her grow musically. Way to go Paul !


Hi W I’m trying to get her to learn new chords, but since I showed her the capo, her interest is declining. ha ha It still bugs me to hear that bass guitar missing so many notes. thanks for the kind words.




Hi Paul, While having my morning coffee, I went back for another view of Gracie’s video. and somewhere else in the blogs (I don’t remember where I saw this) you had another song posted by her and in the intro you mentioned how she was so involved composing songs and she had written one for a friend who was struggling and I listened to that.
Paul, I believe that Gracie is a talent to be taken seriously. I hope you see that in her. She will only get better.:beerbang:


Hey Kin I am so glad for this forum is here. When you are very close to your grandkids, you think they are special. Folks here giving honest feedback is essential. When she plays in front of me in a quiet room I am just blown away. This video does not do her singing any justice. I just say “that’s pretty cool kiddo” I don’t want to give her a big head, but at the same time I want to keep up the encouragement. Hard balance for me. Yes she did a song called “imperfect” It has really helped her friend with confidence. For some reason she did not want to perform that song in front of my family. The name of that song Gracie wrote was “Please lightly bash my 12 year old granddaughter’s first recording” I will be seeing her this coming Monday and hope to get some things done. Thanks for your thoughts. I really appreciate it.