Ghostly Beard's album "Invisible" released

Hi guys and gals… Just thought I’d give a shoutout to ex-recordingreview stalwart and IRD member @ptalbot (aka Ghostly Beard) who has just released his first full-length album. In typical GB style, it is a sophisticated, smooth & stylish listen with catchy melodic tunes, impeccable arrangements and superb
performances. Check it out here:


Yay… go Patrick… awesome work!!!

:beerbanger: :beerbanger: :beerbanger:


Thanks a lot guys! These songs have been written along the years, and the recordings and mixes have been bashed here (well on RR anyway), and I’m very grateful of all the help I received from you, this wouldn’t have been half listenable otherwise! :grinning:


I get a real buzz out of listening to these songs again Patrick, many of them feel like old friends that have been polished until they shine. You’ve done such a great job with them… kudos!!!
And so great to see you out there and ‘doing’… yay!

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I hardly know you, but I feel like you’ve rubbed my tummy just by listening to this album. It’s a spiritual experience. I feel like the essence of my being has been shaken by your powerful tunes.


Well, thanks a lot CPF! I don’t know you either, but thanks. I’m glad you like this! :smile:

Nice …

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Congrats Pat! I always enjoyed mixing some of your songs.

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Congratulations and excellent work!


Lovely to read that nice plug for you from Mike Senior in his latest bulletin Patrick - Congrats!!!



Yes, it was really nice of Mike to put a note on his newsletter.
He really is a cool guy and a gent! :grinning:

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Featuring one of my favorite tracks of his - “How Can I”? I just love Patrick’s guitar playing. And just listen to the mix on “Upper Hand”. Wow!


That’s a @ColdRoomStudio miix… awesome eh…


I agree. That’s a tasty solo! The guitar work throughout that album is top notch. :beerbanger: