Ghost, The latest Lewitt mix contest

Please give a bash if you dont mind .Cheers all

Nice the drums are huge in the intro. I need the vocals to have more impact when they come in. They almost feel like a let down after the huge intro. So i would suggest bringing down the instruments and the intro a touch or making the vocals bigger (some layering of effects or of the vocal abused some like pitched done and distorted for example). Otherwise well done in my books.

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I found all the Lewitt recordings lack in the vocal tracks and your hands are always tied with these live recordings .Your so limited with what you can do with fx because it effects the other tracks .Just wish they would do some proper isolated vocals .Cheers mate

Interesting. So what can be done to make the vocals “bigger”?

Yeah there is something to be said for having some isolation to allow for more manipulation.

You can try stuff like Rx but i never find it brings much fruit …Just isolate them more in the first place really

They hire metropolis studios,use all their nice microphones and walk out with that?As production goes its really very poor in my opinion .

Had one more go.I got the vox into Rx and cleaned them up a bit too.

I think that is better. I would still like a little more wetness on the vocals.

Agree 100%… honestly I was pretty disappointed

I’ma give this a good listen later, my ears are fried on this track from doing mine

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If i was Lewitt i would make sure i recorded something that was second to none. They are supposed to be a great brand? Who ever had the idea to put this up as an advertising campaign needs sacking .