Get Over It - Song 2 off my forthcoming EP

Hey folks,

back again with the next song. I figure if I can get the overall feel between the first two songs reasonably consistent then I’ll not post the other three songs.
I got pretty good feedback and reception from my previous song which both blew me away and also scared me to post another, as I see that one as the strongest of the 5. This one is likely to be the “Single” that I will make a homemade clip for though.

Get Over It is a tongue in cheek song about how uppity everyone seems to be, especially online. It’s a shot at all sides with generalised statements that you often hear when discussing gun laws, immigration, race, politics, political correctness, apologies and respect, conspiracies and the like.

I am aware that the breaths (the inhale and exhaling) are loud and I wanted them to be a key feature, both sonically and metaphorically - a sign that perhaps people should stop and take a deep breathe in between every other person defiantly telling people not to tell them to “get over it”.

Any feedback is appreciated. I’m pretty happy performance and overall mix wise, but I have struggled with the intro and outro lead guitars. If the feedback is looking grim, I may rerecord. I want a modulated sound but I’m a little lost with them too. That said, if they’re good and there’s no issues, I’ll leave them as is.

Thanks in advance.

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I am really digging this one. Everything is sounding good for me on a quick listen, except :wink: I found the vocals to be a little hidden. you could push the volume up a bit, increase the 1-3k or there about region or open the up the guitars some (pull out a little around the high mids). I really like the darkness of the vocal so i would think push the volume slightly and open up some space in the guitars. Nothing extreme just a little more could get you there as far as i am concerned. That is one blokes opinion.


I love the intro/outro guitars! They are reminiscent of a siren without being annoying. I think they set a great tone for the song, and evoke the right emotion. Maybe the intro is a little long though?

I think there’s a bit much going on in the midrange, and the vocals are getting slightly buried there. The reverb on the vocal might have a bit too much low-end in it as well, and could be contributing to that. I also think I’m hearing that some of the vocals are out of tune? Just wanted to point that out in case it’s not on purpose. I find it a bit distracting. I also think that the timing could be stronger on the “don’t just tell me to get over it” part. Especially the end of the phrase… I wish it lined up better with the track. I think it would be punchier that way.

I really like the inhales and exhales. They add an interesting texture. I like those parts in general where the track kind of slows down and you get a sense of taking a moment to take a breath. Well done!

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Overall, it’s great! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the intro and outro guitars.

I sort of agree with everyone else about the vocals, but I think it’s only really in places, and could be solved with just a bit of automation in places where the vocal sort of dips a bit. I’m not sure I would have even noticed, to be honest, if others hadn’t said something. A lot of what I listen to has vocals that are “buried”, which to me really means that they’re just another instrument as much as anything. Don’t touch the chorus vocal. I think it’s perfect.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve got after four listens (five? I think I’ve lost count). Good song. Going to listen again - right now.

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I love it!
Specially the way synth( or is a guitar that sounds like synth, in the intro and later too?) and guitars are working together to make this impressing wall of sound (from about 0:48). For some reason it reminds me of a David Bowie songs, but I can’t remember which song.
I agree with the comments on the vocal. The bass is good too, has a nice bite!
I Just have this little idea I can’t help expressing… I feel there something missing in the break (or pre-chorus?) at 1:48. I think I would have added some sort of rhythmic extra, like a simple ride/ bell or cowbell on the quarter notes (ant the last 8th note of the bar). Or even a muted triangle, umuted on the last 8th note! Just an idea :wink:
Good luck with your release!

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Sounds cool! Firstly, disclaimer than I’m listening on little Dell desktop computer speakers so I’m not even going to try to judge the low end.

I agree with others about the vocals in places - mostly the lower register stuff in the verses, they just need a little more articulation in places, which I guess EQ or a bit more compression in places would bring out.

The song is great, and I love the guitar sounds. I think if I changed anything it’d be the drum cymbal sound - there’s something slightly trashy about the crashes in particular and I think they end up getting in the way of the guitar & vocal upper mids. Don’t let that put you off if it’s inherent in the recording, but if it’s a mix decision like a saturation plugin or something, maybe consider cleaning up those overheads a little? The guitars will carry the attitude I think you’re looking for, IMO.

Nice job!

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Hi Dan - man, I love, love, love that chord progression in the intro! Very tangy!

Mixwise, I think you have this sorted really well. It sounds good!

Production-wise, it could use some work, IMO. The lead vocal seems like it really needs a stiff shot of something to loosen it up! The delivery sounds really uptight and far too “proper” - in need of an “attitude injection”.

Something is bugging me about the verse drum fills that I can’t really put my finger on - they seem to drag for some reason.(?)

I like the “delayed gratification” of the interlude between the two verses - nice!..

…But as Michael Beinhorn likes to say, it’s all about tension and release… There is plenty of tension provided by the choppy rhythm and the close intervals of the verse melody. I was waiting for the release of a big soaring chorus melody, but alas! It never came… instead a one-note chorus? If I was the producer, I’d be pushing for a chorus re-write. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think there is a tonne of potential here, but it feels like the song is chasing its own tail around a bit. I hope that doesn’t come across as too negative, because I really like what you have going on here - I just want it to be the best it can be.

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It sounds great! I would only say that the vocal delivery could be polished a bit more to compliment everything going on around it. I know It’s a bit unfair to critique the performance side of things, but if the main vocal was a little more staccato like the guitar line, it would move the whole thing up a notch IMHO. It currently sounds not quite as convincing as everything else, if that makes sense; the phrasing could be more abrupt to match the instruments.
Very cool song with a message, nice work.

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Hey there, Dan. Love this piece. I especially love the vocals. Nice gritty quality that captures the passion. Would be curious what you had on the signal chain there: it almost sounds like the slightest bit of a bitcrusher effect? Love it.

Really like the arrangement. The guitars are great. The “pulse” of the song is very nice. Some very nice chords. The guitars balance each other well.

Well, I’m listening on my brand new Sennheiser HD600’s, and here are my thoughts on the mix…

Sounds really bass-heavy. Not the bass guitar necessarily, there’s just too much on the low end. A high-pass filter to clean it up would help. Too muddy. It’s clouding the guitars and the vox don’t pop out enough. Cristina I think is also right about the mids as well. Hard to to say, but I’m overwhelmed by the low end. I want to hear more texture in the guitars and high-mids in general.

The other thing is that the ride (I “think” it’s the ride?) is too shrill (e.g., around 3:00).

So, thems my thoughts. Don’t touch the arrangement: it’s excellent!

Oh, and great lyrics. Thanks for your thoughts introducing the song. Spot on.

Thanks for posting.

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Hi What a great intro. love the power chords. Your first words and only the first ones are pitchy. Sorry The vibe of this is just awesome. Chorus is powerful, but you could cut back only slightly on the supporting power guitars there?? Love the jerky-ness of that vox delivery. Don’t just tell me to get over it hits hard. Some of the power chords are really different and really appealing. What a fun ride this was. Congrats…again

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Thanks everyone for taking the time to listen and critique. I’ve been flat out since posting that I have not had a chance to individually reply and will do so shortly.
Just wanted to say thanks and I’ll reply with my thoughts soon - a few opposing views there which I will think about before taking action.

I like the intro with that interesting lick and then the groove change when the vocals come in. Sounds like early 80’s RUSH.

The guitars, drums and bass sound really good together. I really like the monotone vocal in the chorus. It gives the song a nice darkness and eeriness. I like the booming bass tone too.

This is a cool tune! I like how you seem to have followed “the road less traveled” with the writing. Nice work!

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Thank you for the reviews! Now your song (the most recent I found): bizarre intro guitar sound. I like the rhythm guitar tone and riffs. The has a 70’s vibe for me (fine by me). Vocals are good, kind of reminds me of the Kinks at times. I like the electric bass tone and riffs. I like the melodies and the audio quality. Nice song. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Nice and tight recording. I feel I am just not able to hear the vocals above the song in the verse parts.

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Thanks mate,
Sorry, I just messaged you to let you know you didn’t have to check anything out but that was before I saw your post.
In regards to the guitars at the start, I fiddled with them a little and sort of just left them in that state, before revisiting them late in the production of that song. After seeking opinions here, I was happy enough to leave them although i can’t say I am 100% sold on them, I think they work well enough, especially when the rest of the instruments come in. They don’t make me shudder but I probably had something else in mind when I first tracked them.

Thanks for the listen. Interesting what you mentioned about the vocals. There’s two parts to that. The main one being that that has always been something I’ve struggled with when it’s my own voice and the second is that it is also somewhat of a stylistic thing. I do need to get a bit better at that! Thanks again.

I typically “return the favor” whether people want me to or not. :wink: