Gently in the wind

I was sitting on the back porch the other night and the wind was howling at about 40 mph. At one point I thought I heard voices whispering to me. The next thing I thought they were telling me to get ready to depart this earth. So, I wrote of this experience. I tried to use that swell thangy on the break, but the timing is off. I was going to ask Michelle for some strings help, but I think this one is just a little too weird. I have made tracks from polkas to hard rock and everything in between. Stepping sideways as of late and it is kinda fun. I know the click showed up in my vocal at the end again? The bpm was 70 but no percussion yet. The song is called “gently in the wind”


Good idea!

I like the vibe in your voice at the very beginning of the song. I was expecting it to be much darker but then the verse kicked in and it felt more like a folk song. Nothing wrong with that!

The higher notes on the acoustic guitar in the right speaker, made it sound almost like a banjo for a few seconds.

Nice and short. No beating around the bush. :+1:

PS. I have an 10 minute song that I want you to review Paul. :rofl:

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Hi wicked. I had the acoustic capo’d way up and yes it did sound like a banjo. ha ha I could have just played the second track with a different style on the other side. I might do that?
I had a lot of fun with the wind tracks. Trying to stay far enough from the mic and still get a recording. I got a “what are you doing in there” from my wife. ha ha I am a fan of way out there for a while
Lets hear your ten minute song:) Thanks

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I love it Paul. Really grabbed me. There are a few timing issues here and there, but you know what? I don’t care. The immediacy of your vocal, bone dry and right up front in the mix, coupled with the atmospheric (see what I did there?) vibe of the instruments is lovely. Use that capo more often! I love how the two acoustic guitars sound together.

I continue to be amazed by your seemingly endless well of song ideas… I would give a body part to have a tenth the number. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Dave Glad everyone is still cool thru this civil war. ha ha Yes, the guitars were a one take. I have a hard time not having my thumb buzzing on a few notes. I will go back and get that timing right. I can hear it too. I have a ten inch span on my hand and those capo notes way up get tough.
Speaking of song ideas, my wife asked if she could hear in and I declined. Not funny I guess, but my heart started racing out of control tonight. I told her about the song and she said I did it to myself. ha ha Can’t win. Take care Dave and thanks for you comments

No civil war here my friend… Sure hope that racing heart is calm now! I have some tachycardia myself, and when it gets running it can be pretty disconcerting for sure.

One take…! Dang dude. Nice work!

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It is beautiful. Yet again. I personally would consider the true opening of the song at 0:22
The opening vocals in the wind were a bit too different for me to focus through. Perhaps for an extended version or a heavy metal rock remake of the song, it would work very well.

Other than that Its a home run all the way from 0:22 to the end

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Great stuff Paul… Very pretty, yet quite haunting.

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Hi Michelle Very easy to remove that first part. It was a blast to do. I am easily entertained. There is absolutely no pressure writing and producing songs when there are no expectations. Just give it a toss and see where it lands. I might try using the two verse parts and develop a chorus. That is what I had before I put in that lame swell part. lots to think about. Thanks for your honest take on this. So refreshing

Hi Andy Yeah I am still scratching my head on this one. Sort of distracted with a rocker I stated this aft. ha ha Life is good with music. Thanks for this

I like the song. I was wondering what some harpsichord or “odd” organ music would add to it, especially in the beginning?


Hi Star guy. That is a great idea for the mood. Don’t have one in my back pocket tho:) I am redoing the intro. ha ha Thanks for stopping by :slight_smile:

It’s a cool tune, not one of my favorites of yours but still. The swell thing, is that a volume pedal?

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You know, I was thinking harpsichord too at places…

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Hi Ingo Glad you stopped by :slight_smile: I know this isn’t my best for sure. I has been a great distraction from the pandemic tho. I don’t know if I will ever be able to put out quality anymore, but that sits good with this ole boy. ha ha Kinda like my brother that is out there golfing thinking his numbers are going to go down, but the reality is that he is getting older. He does like the process tho. It’s funny that you and Dave both thought harpsicord. I had to google one this morning to hear one.
You see I like that you said it wasn’t my best. Two things can happen. Like many, I could say screw you ingo, or dig in and make it better :slight_smile: I choose the last one. I am torn tho with this rocker I am workin on.
Rain/pandemic = studio today peace ole friend

Nice, Paul. One take, huh? Amazing.

Your voice on this is perfect for the mood you’re trying to capture. Thoughtful, somber. Very nice to listen to. I like your arrangements of the guitars.

Only thing I got for ya is I don’t care for the wind. Not that it couldn’t work, but that it just doesn’t sound real. It sounds like it’s a loop, or almost a melody.

I love the recording of your vocals. It’s so detailed and gentle. There’s a certain “frailty” about it that grabs your attention. I mean that in a positive way – an intimacy, and tenderness. And your mix on the vox is perfect. Gentle, but up front. You’re right here with me.

Another winner from the Feakermeister!!! :grin:

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A very pretty little ditty, Paul! As usual your guitar work is so spot on delicate, it is a perfect set up for your lyrical poem. I can see why people are thinking harpsichord, or strings, it has that baroque rock vibe of As Tears Go By. I thought it was fine as it is, and the wind sound does not need to be totally realistic if it is a memory of the wind looping in your mind.

But I can also imagine this melody morphing into the next track with orchestral forcefulness carrying through with the weather theme of a storm brewing, and then dramatically into the electric guitar rock phase with thunderous drums and some lightning, and finally the sound of soft rain and returning to the original acoustic guitar to end. Dark Side of the Storm…

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Hi guy. I am struggling with allergies right now. Hard to sing for sure. I try to get into the mood of the song. Sometimes it works and sometimes I listen and it is lame. ha ha
As far as the guitars, I am not a big fan of compression, but some of the spike are really high. I do take quite a bit of time reducing some of them as much as say 8db. Seems like when I cut the with a compressor, they lose their flavor? You know me and mixing? Yes this was one take. I do that and get the song “out there” to see how it is received. I do like stepping out of the comfort zone.
My blowing into the mic with what I thought was a wind sound was not so hot so. The problem was to store enough breath to go the distance. I bet there is midi for that somewhere. I am redoing most everything including that break with the swell.
I love the total honesty that has come from folks. It helps so much. I have an idea, rough it out, and then sit bac and cock my head and ask myself did that just happen…and whY?
Ha ha and love the Feakmeister….my friends call me feaky beak???
We should do something together :slight_smile:

Hello steban I like where your mind takes this little ditty. I forgot as tears go by, but will end up playing it sometime today because you mentioned it. ha ha
I am going to cut most of that first part out, but I think I need a little wind there to set the stage (without voices) I will take another try at that this morning.
I am seriously considering your idea of shifting into another gear as you mentioned above…Very interesting and thank you

Weird is good! Artistic creativity is also good! Do what you do as they come to you. One of the problems with “bands that have signature sounds” is they sometimes are not received well when they try to innovate. That’s the cool thing about being a solo artist. You do what you do and if it sounds good, weird, abstract, corny, lovey dovey, angry etc…you’ve won. :slight_smile: I really liked the haunting beginning and the whole arrangement just as it was. So many ways you can go with this.

I’ve personally stopped trying to rewrite peoples songs and arrangements based on what I’d like to hear. I think it sort of ruins the listening experience for me. It’s like me telling Rembrandt not to use a shade of red he felt was best. Now, if you asked me to produce this, I’d handle it a different way. But as a listener, I liked this the way it was. Production was good too, nice job Paul! :slight_smile:

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