Genesis Pro Synth

I’m really not a synth guy at all, but this grabbed my attention.

For a few moments of this video I thought it was a parody of VST synths, but the more I read the more it seems that this guy is the real deal.

This month the synth will be on sale for… €1.

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It is still only 32 bit however…

darn… let’s hope it’s popular enough and sells well enough for him to release the 64bit version. I think if it popular, the demand for 64bit will be enough of a driver for him to create one.

In his reply in that KVR thread he says

“…the project has become so huge and complex over time that it is not easy to port it to 64bit/mac.”

So I’m guessing this is a last money grab before he shelves the thing. Hopefully I’m wrong, because it does look interesting!

I didn’t even know you could even make 32-bit only plugins anymore. I’m guessing that means it’s a synthedit/flowstone plugin. Any synthedit created plugin I’ve ever used has been super buggy and very heavy on the CPU.

It’s a great tool for making prototypes, but it has to be super magical in order to be commercially viable.

That dude is awesome :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing !