General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR")?

General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR")?
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I got this from ‘’

The email headline was “We regret to inform you”…

then this is the message

We’re sure you have already heard about the new General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), that comes into effect May 25, 2018. We want to thank you for continuing to trust us with your personal information, and we would like to assure you, keeping your personal data safe and secure has, and always will be our top priority.

We respect your personal data.
We have not, and will never sell it to third parties.
You are in control, and you can opt out at any stage.

We would like to show our appreciation to anyone wanting to opt-in and have organised two plugins to be completely free up until the 31st May.

any ideas??


I’ve gotten an “updated privacy policy” email from every website I’ve ever signed up for anything. None of them have offered any gifts for opting in to their sharing of data though.


its just odd for them to say “we regret to inform you”


Maybe just an attention getting subject line?


I got the same email from Plugin Boutique, 2 free plugins and all.

I do agree that the subject line is weird. But it did get me to click on it, lol.


These are the free plugins that came up:

We’re glad you want to hear from us!

As a way of saying thank you, we’d like to offer these two amazing products for FREE …

Air Music Technology Hybrid 3
SoundSpot Nebula


You guys sound as though you are mystified. It’s a new EU law and it means every website that signs you up HAS to comply with new Data Protection laws, including getting permission to hold your data. Websites that don’t comply face hefty fines.
Interestingly, I’ve heard nothing from Bryan about this site, but maybe it’s yet to come, there are seven days left to meet obligations.
And some sites are trying to keep you on their lists by offering free goodies. Not a scam.


This new EU law is also affecting data sharing in multinational scientific collaborations, we’re dealing with it at NASA as well. As I understand it, it’s an attempt to have better safeguards on personally identifiable information in light of the many data breaches in recent years…

I also got that email from Plugin Boutique…


Neither of these has any interest for me, not being an electronic music kinda guy and already having plenty of synth plugs & VSTs… oh well.


I got the same message from Plugin Boutique.


They just want to confirm that they have your permission to send you emails. Every site has to comply with this according to the new law that will come into effect on May 25th, 2018. There is nothing fraudulent about this.