Geek Tweaks for SPAN Fans

If you’re a SPAN enthusiast (as I am), here are some nice tips for setting it’s response up for mixing:


I love span. It’s by far my favorite spectrum analyzer. Span is the reason I haven’t made one for myself. I know I’m not going to like the one I make as much as I like span.


Ah yes, Monitoring section of Reaper! Great idea. I just found out about that and parked my room correction plugin there. If I put SPAN first it should get the same signal as the Master.

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That is a fantastic video!! Thanks Andrew! Dan Worrall is great too - just have him do a review of your plugin and you’ll sell scads of 'em. :wink:

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Wooh fascinating -thanks for posting this! Span is my invaluable pal but must admit I haven’t tweaked the settings for years, just use it the same way. Really good to re-visit these things and learn new tricks!

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