Gear woman

What a cool woman this is - interesting recording tips on this video…


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really gets into her junk.

Vocals pretty standard 1073NEVE, UA175,Urei1176… hear about that over and over.

Dark Glass Bass amp…

Systems of a Down…my son wore that out in the car. She drops some big names in a cool way.

She reminds me of the classic engineers like Les Paul and those trying all kinds of crazy stuff…TOOL! using a C1000S for Undertow…lol wow…

I went and looked up a UA 175? never heard of that…$$12,500 each…lol

damn Johnny Cash, Prince, TOOL, Systems of a Down, never heard of her before.

" She drops some big names in a cool way." She drops F bombs and my wife was not amused. ha ha

Huge fan of Sylvia Massy! She’s produced some huge albums that I love, plus I really like her “experimental” recording techniques… some of it seems kinda silly but some of the stuff she does can add a really cool vibe to a recording.

She come to a friend of mines studio a few weeks ago to work with someone that booked the studio.He said she was really sweet.That was in Kent in the Uk so she had come a long way