Gear recommendation?

Hey I am 14 y/o amateur and I am using Cubase.
Wanted to upgrade my monitor since I came across this giveaway where they are giving away lg’s 34" and 38" ultrawide monitors.
Wanted to participate but wondering if 38" would be too big for a setup.
Would 34" enough? or would 38" be better?

I use a 38" at work (I’m a graphic/production designer), and 2 27" monitors at home for my DAW rig. I find for audio (and design) work, bigger is better. Especially when working in software that has numerous screens and/or panels. I would say, unless for some reason your space can’t deal with it… go for the 38". That being said, you’ll probably find that there isn’t a vast difference between 34" and 38" so you might want a more compact option. Take a trip to Staples/Best Buy and have a look at them and see what you’d be most comfy with.

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Hey, welcome to the group! Very cool that you are getting such an early start on your music mixing.

I have an ultra-wide monitor for my setup as well, and absolutely love it. I used to have a pair of 15" screens, and that was OK but always felt clunky. Mine’s a 34-inch model and it is MORE than adequate for my needs. Would 38 be better? Yeah, maybe, and if you can afford it and have the space for the footprint, go for it. But if you have to “settle” for 34, you’ll still be in great shape.

Good luck!


My setup at work is a wide 34" monitor and I agree with the other guys. If you have the space, either size is great! And it’s great having you on the site! We’d love to hear some of your music some time. Feel free to hit us up with tons of questions too. :beerbanger:

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