Gassy rudolph rides again

Gassy rudolph rides again


Well nobody loves him anymore. He is sad


Hey Mr F hadn’t seen you here in a while, I was afraid you were making more sparks in your walls again.

Forums got a little slow with the holiday, just need to be patient I think. Or post something about a free plugin, they’ll be all over that!


No! Bring it back! (With your retracted OP post, my sincere like is now a ghastly skull of burden.)


Once you give your art to an audience, it is rude to have it withdrawn. Please revise the OP with the song and stop being selfish!


Nope I talked to him about it and he is still pissed! Merry Christmas to yawl


Gasses are what binds us together! This is damn science right here.


He has gone all quiet that poor rudolph,
I hope he’s okay?
It’s xmas eve here now… merry xmas!!!
(and a yummy carrot and glass of beer for the reindeer)


Hi Emma Everything gets old including that song. It is the eve here and we drove 19 hours north from Texas to be with my older daughter. Cheers and the best to yawl




I missed out!!! dang

also… @cptfiasco! @Emma! So good to see you both! Don’t be a stranger. We love having you guys around!