Garageband apple app?

anybody use the garageband iphone apple app?
i have it on my phone but just noticed it takes up a massive 1.5gig! so will prob be deleting it soon lol.

had a bit of a play on it and it seems real good fun. anybody used it for anything creative or real?

or is it just a thumb twiddling dinner time game

i liken it to the likes of reason , i play about with it and then forget about it.
doubt u could record a full on song and mix it on it but i could be wrong?

any takers?


I have a friend that did a full album with it. It doesn’t sound terrible, but I was disappointed that it didn’t allow you to export the project (especially midi) to anything. I guess you can’t expect too much from that at this point.

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I use GB on my iPad to put down and flesh out song ideas.

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yeah i got it for the same reason, to get down an idea when i`m out and about.
but i tend to just use the phones sound recorder really.

The good thing about GB is that you can put down a guitar idea very quickly, loop it, then layer vocals. I like to do “stream of consciousness” vocals, so it’s ideal for that sort of thing. You can cut and paste things, move them around, work on the arrangement etc

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Yes! GB on ipad is great for honing that sweaty music muscle!

I have a buddy who plays dinner shows and cocktail hours with GB and a trumpet. He works with a MacBook pro now. But he’s done shows with an Iphone 5 or an Ipad.
I’ve had GB on my phones since my 4S and never really use it other than to kill time. It’s just frustrating knowing how to play and record and then be tied into the GB workflow… :slight_smile:
Next time I’m at the airport waiting for a flight, I’ll dive back in…

On breaks I normally open up Garageband on my iPad and work out arrangements. Since they added the Drummer, it’s been a pleasure to use. The piano is actually quite responsive but to be honest I haven’t tried the new cross Logic to iOS Garageband features.