Game Trailer (Almost done) - need some sanity checks!

This trailer is near completion, and near release! It has come a long way.

Music, Visuals, and SFX are mixed in.
The composition I am using for the trailer is ‘Maiden Voyage’…might ring a bell with some of you when I posted that here ages ago, and got some great feedback.

Anyway, here it is…at this point I am looking for anything irksome/annoying/obnoxious that stands out as a showstopper. Basically sanity checks. The soundtrack is final, and we are at the stage of SFX mixing and finalizing.


Nothing is standing out as wrong to me. It all feels cohesive and in sync with the video. Sound FX are audible but not too loud. I really can’t think of anything to critique on this.


Looks and sounds great, Michelle!

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Sounds great, awesome!

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Looks and sounds like a winner to me too!

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Michelle :slight_smile: I simply can’t comprehend what it took to coordinate the timing of all these events right down to a perfect synchronizing of the cannons.
This is just so cool. I always said a video can take a track to a whole new level and you have really nailed it. I might not have paid close enough attention, but I don’t think I heard your lovely voice in there??? The forum has been putting together some very awesome stuff for sure. Big congrats on this and I hope it takes off,

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Thanks guys! Helps a lot. We are days from trailer release and this is a huge confidence booster :beerbanger:

Thanks Boz! That was the hard part. Getting the music and the sfx to tie in together.

Thanks :slight_smile: I did not have too much to do with looks but I did work together with the CGI artists in coordinating the sounds, lighting and music. It was a great eye opener…literally

Thanks for the vote of confidence!

Thanks! I remember your important feedback on this…the tremolo strings!

Thanks Paul! This is not the voiceover trailer. This is the main trailer that will roll out internationally. The voiceover trailer is for informational purposes that will be made available in other formats and languages. There are 25 total versions :sweat_smile:

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The timing of the effects and music to the video is exactly what I was talking about a minute ago in the other thread!

You’re very good at this! Congratulations on the work and sharing.