FytaKyte's "From Spark to Stream"

Here’s a video I made detailing the (sometimes difficult) creative path of the song “Fade” from the new FytaKyte album “NonTrending.Unfluencer”

Let me know what you think!


@ColdRoomStudio, I love the way you do such a thorough job in how you explain your processes. Whether it is mixing, producing, songwriting, you do an excellent job of keeping it interesting while still being complete. This video is excellent!


Holster stole that one from me. You might not be aware, but you didn’t stumble once thru the presentation. Also got a feel for your personality. The riffs and the background music were top notch as well. Many years ago I asked Emma who the music making pro’s were on this forum and your name was quickly mentioned. This was done very well. congrats

ps don’t listen to my last posted song. I have a new chorus almost done. Had a mini storm burst take out six aspen trees 16 inches in diameter. Took out half my garden and fence.
My 1936 allis chalmers actually died pulling one out of the yard. I gave it CPR and bingo we were back to work. peace and good luck with your album


I love this Andrew. Very interesting to follow along with the process.

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Really cool breakdown of the process there Andrew, love it.
Had that exact same drum machine back in the day, very handy little unit for putting together demos.


Ha, the line “songwriting is GREAT THERAPY” at 12:28 is brilliance! Whatever I think about the rest of it is masked by that phrase. For every songwriter the therapy part is the true significance. Per Robin Williams: “The comedy is much cheaper than therapy” comment really resonates.


Very mellow and insightful on different levels. You make it look easy! But it ain’t easy. :saluting_face:


Thanks Bryan - great to hear from you! The video was a bit of a tentative experiment to see if I could pull it off. I’m glad you found it interesting.

Thanks Paul, I scripted it fairly carefully to create a flow of thoughts, but ultimately it was extemporaneous in actual delivery. Editing helps. Thanks for giving it a watch!

Thanks James - I appreciate the feedback - that’s very encouraging!

Thanks Terry! Yes, I spent many long nights programming the Zoom, trying to get it to sound vaguely realistic (it never did!)… TBH what we have now is SO much better!

Thanks Stan. Yes, well ultimately this is what it is all about. Music keeps me (somewhat) sane.

Thanks Ingo - yes you’re so right - You have to work REALLY hard to make things look easy! :grin:


So true man. What I wouldn’t have given to have the tools we currently have at our disposal way back in the olden days (late 90’s) hehe.