Funky Fever

Funky Fever
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Here goes…
I have to commit now. I’ve been working on details, mastering (or better: what I do that sort of goes somewhere in that general direction), etc. for two weeks now, and it’s not getting much better, so this is my FINAL version (you can hear older versions in the bashing section of the site).
The idea came from my observation that the original is - in a 50’s roundabout way - about sex, and lust. Pretty radical for the time I guess. And the message is quite late 60’s: fever (=lust) was there all the time, and a big part of historical (or literary) romances. Well, I just followed the line of reasoning a bit further back - all the way to the beginning of sexual evolution - some 2 billion years ago. The lyrics start off almost identical (with the difference that that in my version lust - not love - is even more obvious) and diverge as the song progresses.
Funkifying the song was an obvious choice, funk being the most sexy music I know (and love). So I had a lot of fun making it.

Here’s the song and the lyrics

Funky Fever

Does it matter if I love you
Does it matter if you care
‘Cause when you put your arms around me
There’s this fever rising up somewhere

You give me fever when you kiss me
Fever when you touch me light
Fever in the morning
Fever all through the night.

Sun lights up the daytime
Moon lights up the night
I light up when you call my name
Baby do you need a light?

You give me fever when you kiss me
Fever when you hold me tight
Fever in the morning
Fever all through the night

Everybody’s got the fever
That is something we all know
Fever isn’t such a new thing
Fever started long ago


About two billion years ago
Life was pretty lame
‘till sex created difference
Lighting the first flame

And there was fever
Cells were touching
Fever in life’s youth
Fever became a big thing
Fever baby it’s the truth

When the earth, full of Dinosaurs
Was hit by a meteorite
The Dinosaurs they became extinct
Those little Mammals they’re all right

They got the fever, and out they come
Fever to survive their fate
Fever, mama’s suckling the young
While daddy he just wants to mate

Now you’ve listened to my story
Here’s the point that I have made
Life will give you fever
Be it Kelvin be it Centigrade

It gives you fever when it hits you
Fever if you live you learn
Fever till you sizzle
What a lovely way to burn
What a lovely way to burn
What a lovely way to burn

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Fever when you touch me lite…awesome. Like the vocal attitude of your singer. Big sound ya got goin bud. I like it. Love that wha and the radio vox part. This could be a part of a much larger production/broadway.
IMHO Be it kelvin or centigrade…ha ha And what note was that last sung word…way down there. Really enjoyed this. Can’t imagine why there have been no comments??? congrats



There were plenty of comments in his Bash thread Paul… :slight_smile:

Great stuff Evert!


Ha ha I take great pride in getting most things not right. Don’t worry, you’ll get there bud:)


Thanks for the good reviews guys.
Just realised I forgot to add in the voting thing. I thought it would be included automatically. Have to figure this out.
Edit: just figured it out. “America, your votes please” (insider joke for Europeans and Australians).