Funkkihillo, mix

Nice funky one

yeah man i love the groove on this one. Good balance of guitars and keys. Drums have a great vibe. Nicely done.

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Another winner, Alan. More drums please, though. Nice sound on the drums.

Love the vocals and especially what you did on the background vocals. What was your signal chain there? I really like it.

The stereo spread on the guitars is beautiful. Did you use some kind of stereo spreader or mid/side thing there?

The bass sounds dull to me. Lacks body and punch. Maybe something in a mid-boost (700?) could help? Or maybe a maxxbass/RBass thing to add some upper harmonics? That’s the only thing for me, cuz the bass really drives this song.Other than that, really outstanding mix.

Well, a nit-picking little thing, but there’s some kind of pop I “think” in the vocals at 0:38. Possibly again at 1:21, but not as bad. Maybe that 0:38 is the vinyl thing out of control for a moment?

Did you add the vinyl pops and scratches in the beginning and at the end. Pretty cool touch.

Anyway, thems my thoughts. Great mix.

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