Funk of the day

Funk of the day
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Todays mix, Enjoy mixing this type stuff


Great tune, got me hopping. Just some general observations on a great tune with a great mix:

  1. Instantly loved the sound of the bass, lots of fatback, but not overdone, same with the drums.
  2. Don’t know if it’s an autowah filter, or a wha, but when it comes in on the first verse and buildup to the chorus, It kind of overtakes things for some reason. Maybe a little high on the level or too much down the middle. A real nitpick, but see what you think.
  3. Cymbals are very nice, really wide.
  4. The panning during the interplay between the two guitars in the solo section is interesting, one sounds pretty far left, and the other is right, but still mainly up the middle, which makes it stand out more in the call and response to me. Again, the performance is great, so if that was done intentionally it’s not a bad thing, just different.
  5. Everything else is great, the voice is very nice, the groove is thick and syrupy, and the whole thing makes you want to get funky. Nice job, thanks for brightening my day.


This song is groovy!


This is awesome. I don’t really notice the mix and am just enjoying the song, which is probably a good thing! :+1:


awesome…you have a silky voice


Only mix feaker


You have a silky knob.


I am absolutely digging this mix. Would love to listen to this artist on a frequent basis.


I could get down to this, on the dance floor.



Listening to your mix and I found it lacks of some low end coming from low end, bass guitar could fill that part better to me.
It also seems that the mix is pretty static and the overall sound lack of some widening coming from room and/or reverb.

Comparing it with Mike’s mix and yours sounds mid-heavy with some kinda lofi effect. It could be what you’re looking for by the way.

Nice job!


Cheers mate