Friday night Punk Rock anyone? New tune - The Countdown

So I messed up my ankle pretty bad (kids vs adults soccer game on uneven grass, be careful!). I had some fly fishing plans that got scratched. So being essentially immobile, I decided to write and record some new music. Luckily it was my left ankle and I have two sets of hi hats!

I wrote the lyrics about a year ago. I’m generally an optimist, but I also have that looming thought in the back of my mind that something bad is going to happen…like a constant countdown.

So I took that thought and blended it with the idea that we need to soak up everything we can from the good times because they can vanish in a moment. And then it’s our job to try to remember those moments to get us through the rough patches.

Good old noisy energetic melodic punk rock heals left ankles 50% faster. It’s scientifically proven. Any feedback on the mix and master is always appreciated!

So here is: The Countdown

The Countdown

Can something this good last
A minute or forever
Or is it just a countdown
Like an old kitchen timer
Unwinding counterclockwise
This isn’t Saturday
Is it only our comfort
I’ll take it anyway

Like someone
We will remember
Like sirens
Reminding me
A moment
Stolen forever
Like heart beat
Skipped over me

One more day
To have you here
Heard you say
And I am here
It’s priceless
From ear to ear
One more day
Then disappear

Summer’s burn and Winter gray
Think of me every day (every day)
The paper pictures help me
Miss you in every way (every way)
And when the ground hits zero
It’s our big getaway (getaway)
The tracks are gone all washed away
There is no trace of me (trace of me)


Hey that’s really good man, some nice vocal melodies going on. The mix is pretty solid from where I’m listening although a bit more snap in the snare would be nice. Most noticeable issue for me is the vocal level drop in the “one more day” sections (0:43, 1:27, 2:18).
I think you could bump up the energy level quite a bit by getting those vocal parts more up-front.
Great stuff, digging it a lot.

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Awesome thanks. I was definitely noticing that about the snare. I’ll play with it. I actually ran into a problem with the snare mic picking up too much hi hat since I set up my open hats to the right of the kit, and closed hats to my left (since I can’t use my left foot, stupid ankle). And now I’m fighting the snare bleed when trying to dial in the snare EQ. Man, I thought I finally won that fight but this threw a wrench in the works. I’ll bump up the vox a bit in those sections too. Much appreciated!

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Yeah true, 2 sets of hats would definitely add to the bleed issue for sure.
Bummer about the ankle too bro, as a bit of a skateboarding enthusiast I feel your (literal) pain.
Certainly makes things interesting with only one good foot.

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No trace is ankle injury on this recording.
I am enjoying this great tune, very alive and joyful!!!
Excellent vocals and lovely guitar solo!!!
Very nicely done!!!

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Excellent song !
Great playing all around and heal up quickly.

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Holy crap, this and my morning coffee’s got me stoked for this day. I can’t believe you got all that in there in three minutes. Loved the energy. Sorta compared it to my lifeless stuff/tracks.
We need you to be more a part of this kinda post with your original stuff. It’s why I origially signed up here.
I did hear your lyric words, but I can’t really tell completely cuz i was reading them as I went along. It all makes very good sense.
You sound 17 years old in this and could pass for it IMHO. Like the thought of a getaway :slight_smile:
congrats and please keep at your trade
Quick note…i coached hs basketball. I told the players at 5 10 I could still grab the rim. I proved it. theys said bet you can’t do it again…snapped my achillies…


Punk rock and a cup of coffee, lol! Yeah, I had some energy to let out after sitting/lying around so much!

17 yo, haha! I’ll take it as a compliment rather than “you’re too old for this stuff”. That’s an awful story about your Achilles tendon. I’m relatively healthy at 6’1” and 195 lbs. But I’m definitely at that point (mid 40’s) where I need to not be stupid and realize those tendons and ligaments are going to start getting a little more brittle from here on out. But I will always be young at heart!

Much appreciation for the feedback. I really enjoy this website and the variety of music posted on this thread, yours included!