Free Waves Reverb Impulse Library, 5 GB (from Waves)

I just saw this free download from Waves: 4.8 GB of convolution reverb high-definition impulses for any of their IR-series plugins. Never noticed it before. IDK if this is the same or different from the libraries included in some of the other plugs in the IR-series. I only have the IR-L (just bought the gold bundle).

So, you might already have it. If not, enjoy!

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Check out the Bricasti impulses inside of that free waves IR bundle. Those highly usable verbs that are modeled off this thing - its a $15,000 mac daddy king of modern hardware verbs.

I use the Liquidsonics version of the Bricasti, but I think the Waves one is really nice.

Slate also has a Bricasti emulator that is very pleasant to use.;adv=11272201266550;ec=11272201884407;c.a=893839669;s.a=google;p.a=893839669;as.a=41395635781;qpb=1;?bidkw=defaultkeyword&dvc=c&h=

not that you ‘need’ to get any of these. Just offering some pointers to help get you going!