Free reverb, native instruments


And don’t miss this one from Arturia either!

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I listened to the youtube intro and description of this arturia thing. Pretty cool. Defninitely gonna pick that up. Thanks, Mike.

It’s getting some great feedback too. I tried it out for a sec on my David Tyo mix, but it was way too CPU intensive for my PC on this mix at this point…

Also, don’t forget to install the Native Instruments’ SuperCharger compressor from their free Starter package. It’s a really decent!

OH! And ANOTHER freebie from Acustica. This one looks like a winner too. (Their plugins tend to be CPU intensive, but really good quality.)

Merry Xmas everyone. The plugin Devs are really being generous this year!

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Mike, were you able to successfully register this product (the Arturia one)? I d/l’d and installed their installer and installed the plugin; the instructions on their website say their installer will give me an option to activate it, but it didn’t. Only gave me an option to buy.

I contacted their support but haven’t heard back from them yet. Also, a number of their buttons open dead-link web pages (e.g., the button in the installer to d/l the manual, or from w/in the vst, the button to “buy.” Very strange.

I had a lot of difficulties with that one. If I remember correctly, after I was finally able to create an account, I was able to click the download which sent a serial number. Then you have to download their installer and use the serial number there… I honestly don’t remember all the details other than it was a PITA. I’ve been installing so many over the last couple of weeks I’m losing track! :astonished:

You should have a serial number in your Arturia Account too. I think you may need to enter that when you open the plugin. If you don’t it may take them a little while to put it into your account.

Here’s a freebie from Embertone to add to the list! Just have to subscribe to their mailing list. I’ve used a lot of their instruments and I think they’re very good!