Free Phasis Phaser. Whats "Native Access?"

In DL instructions it says “Start Native Access and use blah blah…” then 'if u dont have NAtive access, download it blah blah"

whats Native Access and is it going to be more trouble than its worth for just a phaser plugin?? I dont want to gunk up my new lappy

It’s what all plugin manufacturers will move to - it’s like Waves Central. You download and install NI Native Access, and then any plugins that you buy will be registered through Native Access.

ive already got Slate Everything bundle which ive barely started using. I doubt ill be buying anything from NI anytime soon. Its probably not worth the hassle for one plug-in is it?

Maybe not. I already had Guitar Rig 5 installed so it wasn’t a big deal, but yeah it’s kind of annoying every mfr is coming out with these management programs.


yeah, I like phasers and decent ones r hard to find, but Im not trying to get too much gunk on this brand new Lenovo

Slate needs to come out with some modulation stuff in the Everything bundle

I just rebuilt my PC setup after a hard drive crash and I was trying to be selective, but some of this stuff just comes with the territory of software installs. I’m still trying to keep things neat, but the purist approach kind of goes out the window at some point. :slightly_smiling_face: We’ll be back here again in 4 years rebuilding or buying a new computer. It’s nearly inevitable.

I own a ton of Native Instruments stuff. (From Komplete 9 Ultimate, mostly,) and Native Access works well in my opinion. Now Waves Central is another beast–always having problems with that one.

4?? my last one lasted about 18 months hehe

A-fucking-men. Just let me use the fucking plugin!