FREE Multiband Compressor at IK Multimedia

FREE Multiband Compressor at IK Multimedia


Newsletter subscribers get T-RackS Quad Comp. (Mailing list sign-up at bottom of page.)


Oh, cheers for this, I’d have definitely missed it otherwise.

Not had a MB comp in my DAW for a couple of years. Don’t use them much but I really like pushing the low end of toms with them to lengthen the sustain!


Happy to pass it along. If you don’t own any IK plugins, you’ll have to jump through all of their installation hoops to get it. But it’ll be worth it though - I picked up a bunch of IK plugins last year on a Group Buy and am really liking them! Looking forward to trying this one out.


I have an older Amplitube and various synth from IK and updating their installer always screws all these up and I have to re-register them. Also, they give you 3 authorizations and I think I might be on my third.
It looks good but that registration process is a mess, plus they charge you $10 to reset your registration once the 3 free ones expire.


The whole IKM ecosystem is very convoluted and confusing. But they make nice sounding plugins.


It’s funny, I’ve never had trouble with IK. You just install custom shop, and all the plugins are there, and from then on you only need to open custom shop when you have a new license to activate - but actually even then, you can do it from inside the plugin window first time you open it IIRC.

I’ve had much more trouble with Waves Central.


I had the free plugins for a while and never used them, and as I said, I only jumped into the TRacks stuff last year so I haven’t had to update or anything yet. But still, between Jam Points and how much of them you can spend on a plugin, to buying stuff with “Credits”, which you can also apply Jam points towards - I still think it their whole system is quite confusing.