FREE IK Multimedia Black 76 at Audio Plugin Deals!

If you’re new to IK you’ll have to jump through their hoops to get it installed, but this is a really GOOD one!


What kind of hoops are we talking about?

Well, after you get the Authorization Number from Audio Plugin, then you have to install IK’s Authorization Manager:

Then I think you need to run the Custom Shop… (?) I can’t remember at the moment. It’s squirrelly and confusing to say the least. But, it IS a really nice plugin!

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…and you need to download a 1.5GB installer which installs ALL of the T-Racks plugins, which will emit white noise after the demo period runs out, so you need to manually delete all the ones you don’t own.

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Wow, that is kinda pushing it lol. I already signed up and got my authorization number. I think I’ll wait till I have some extra free time to start downloading and deleting things. Thanks for the heads up.

Good you got your Authorization number and a good idea to wait for some free time. In spite of that, it IS a really good compressor - and for FREE! Totally worth it IMHO. :+1:

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