FREE FrontDAW plugin by UnitedPlugins

You can get it here:

Also, while you’re there, if you demo the Royal Compressor, when the time is up, some of the knobs fall off and you get the saturation portion of the plugin for free too. Neat gimmick!


Never heard of this company before

They are new this year. At least a couple of them are Melda power users and know Vojtech the Melda dev, which is why they are closely coupled with Melda.

Just grabbed the free saturation one ,give it a try

Let us know what you think. I haven’t even tried them out yet. I’ve got a handful that I already like to use, but hey, free is free, and they are likely top notch plugins.

It looks like FrontDAW is only free for 15 days, so basically just a Demo? I assume that it will quit working or be partially disabled at the end of the 15 days, if you don’t pay $49 (or Euros)? Does it have some kind of “console view” where you can see multiple instances of the plugin in one place? I don’t see one.

There is everything around now days .I just get stuff for the sake of it.Its about the art really not the tools.A good artist probably needs a good brush and quality paint.Not lots of different brushes or you never learn to use the one you had in the first place.Nice plugins will definitely make a mix sound better but the the mix was already there .Its about enjoying the song at the end of the day

So I haven’t even tried these out yet, but here’s a write-up on The Noise Floor blog including a link to the SankeOil guy’s review.

I downloaded it but haven’t put it through the paces. I think I figured out the thing I posted above: I downloaded it from the “Try for free” button, which seems to be a 15-day demo, but to get the plugin free forever you have to do the “Add to cart” option and create a login account. I may do that once I see if it’s something I’d like to continue using.

So I tried it out in Studio One today and it sounded decent enough but had rendering issues with the GUI which is disappointing. Still, for FREE I’ll hang on and see if they come out with an update or two…

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The comps good

I tried it on the 2-bus - which is probably not it’s main function (may be better on individual tracks) - and at 50% Mojo I got the sense that the BR (British) gave a fairly clean but enjoyable saturation in the low and low mids, the US (US) gave saturation in the mids, and the GE (German) gave saturation mostly in the high mids. I’m sure it depends on the program material and the Mojo level though. For $50 I think they should have a console view of all instances or something, kind of like the CLA MixHub.


My take on it is that the license is free if you download before the 15th. This would be a complete license.

If you download it after the 15th you have to pay $49 for the license. They would still offer a 15-day trial version, but the licence would be no longer free.

I posted more info about that later, post #9:

I didn’t even notice the difference the first time, I just downloaded it from the “Try for free” button, straight download. When I went back and looked, I saw that if I click on the “Add to cart” I can ‘buy’ it for free until probably Sept 15. This way they get your email address, which is fair from a business standpoint. I don’t like that you have to create a login account too though, one more password to keep up with! That stopped me from getting it for free unless I really like this demo.

That’s a little confusing too, free until Sept 15, or free 15-day demo. There’s a clock timer that will expire on 9/15 which is when the free offer ends IMO.

I know, right? I use a very inexpensive passwords app called safeincloud. It’s like $7 or something like that. Only need to remember one password! Asks me for my password or finger scan, them remembers and autofills my passwords.

I think Alan makes a good point though. I think he was speaking to me! :grin:.

I have too many tools. Need to learn to use what I’ve got. Still, I’ll check it out. But just saying.