FREE for a week - Quadravox Plugin from Evenitide

Details here at Audio Plugin Deals:


Ya can’t beat that price. Thanks for the heads up.

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I’m trying to load this plugin and I’m going through hell, just like the last time I installed the ilok manager and the Lofi Vintage Clipper. I’ll probably just forget about it instead of spending the whole night trying get it installed. I’m not a fan of Eventtide’s ilok/ cloud system. Jeez, what a mess!

But I do appreciate you posting this freebie, Mike! :+1:

Be sure and register the plugin at Eventide first, then it should show up in iLok. It’s not using the “cloud” thing, just the “License Manager”. And yeah, I hear you, after the Nimbrini Lo-Fi Clipper, the iLok Cloud did NOT work at all for me and I gave up on the Nimbrini stuff. Too bad because people really seem to like the plugins…

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I can’t even sign in to Eventide directly…When I try to sign in it says I’ve entered the wrong password, yet I know it’s the correct password. But I’m able to get into my Eventide account from my email…once I’m in the account it shows that I don’t have the Quadravox in my cart even though I’ve already grabbed it for free…So I go and click the Download Free button on the Quadravox page and it says, “Sorry, this product cannot be purchased”.

Yikes! It’s probably best that I forget about it because last time it was a nightmare getting things sorted out. Looks like it’s more for creating harmonies than doubling a vocal. I prefer to sing my own harmonies and I was really just interested in the doubling capabilities of a plugin. Man, I just wish this ilok thing was a smoother and more straight forward process. I’ve never had this kind of trouble installing other freebie plugins.

I’m attempting to get into my Eventide account and neither my email address nor username will allow me to sign in…It keeps saying , “Sorry, *********** is not recognized as a username or email address”. Wow!..If my email address is not recognized, then how did I get the emails from them? :partying_face::partying_face::crazy_face:…I can’t even get into their website now because I closed the one page that showed me as signed in, and now according to them I’m not even registered with them,

Sorry Mike, I’m just rambling from my frustration. I won’t put you or me through what we went through last time for the Lofi Vintage Clipper. But I do appreciate how you helped me out last time. Let’s spare ourselves the grief this time, ok? Maybe I’ll try this again another day. Thanks for your help though! :+1:

Haha! Not to beat this proverbial horse, but maybe just try adding a new Eventide account with a Gmail address? Or contact support? In any event, good luck!

FWIW, someone one the CW Forum posted the following steps. You may have already done them all, but just in case…

  1. Download iLok, install it and create an account. Save yourself some grief and use the same email for all three (steps 1, 2 and 3.)
  2. Create an account on Eventide and note the user name you chose. That is what iLok looks for to activate the plugin.
  3. Buy the plug in from Plugin Audio Deals, note the SN and KEY message and then install it.
  4. WIth the SN and KEY, register it on Eventide.
  5. Go to iLok and activate it.
  6. THEN, start your DAW

I guess this wouldn’t be a good time to tell you about the FREE Pultec EQ I just saw? :thinking:
(Disclaimer - I have no idea how good this is and haven’t tried it yet.)

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I had the same problem but eventually I found the download link in my wallet on that website.

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