Free EQ - unfinished but working

I know the world does not need another EQ plugin, but I made an EQ plugin to test out some stuff for a different plugin, and I figured I’d at least develop it to the point where I don’t have to use ReaEQ any more.

right now, it’s for windows only, but should work in all formats (VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX) in both 32 and 64 bit.

The graphics are obviously unfinished, and you may notice a few minor graphics quirks.

Download link:
No registration required.

Current features:

  • 6 Band EQ
  • All sorts of filter types per band (including all pass filter)
  • Global Frequency Offset, Gain strengh and Q Strength control
  • Each band can be set to Stereo, Left, Right, Mid or Side.

Stuff that I will add later:

  • Meters
  • spectrum analyzer
  • Hi Quality EQ mode
  • Better UI

I can’t guarantee that I won’t add features later on that will screw up your settings. If I add more knobs or controls and you update, all your settings will be messed up. Just keep this in mind when/if this gets an update.

Here’s what it looks like in it’s current form.


Cheers Boz will look forward to trying it

Trying it now,it sounds really nice really, smooth sounding .Very accurate .Will definitely be using this.

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Thanks Boz!

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Will you be making it linear phase ?

uh, I hadn’t planned on it because I don’t really like linear phase filters, but I’m using this plugin as a test bed for stuff, so if I ever need to make a linear phase EQ, I’ll put it in this.

This is definitely up there with any other eq i use and sounds better than most too.Even mastering its so accurate, half a db here and there even.

This could be interesting to market if you had a good price point. The left/ right and mid-side options are certainly extra’s compared to ReaEQ. Can’t comment on the sound because I haven’t tried it yet (and for me the difference is hard to tell unless it’s an obviously coloured EQ). I guess it’s hard to beat ProQ 3, but that comes with a price tag. Could be an alternative for the Tone Booster EQ. That has mid/ side capability but an interface that I don’t like.
I whish you success!

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to sell an EQ plugin. I’m not a big fan of getting into the plugin commodities game. If I ever get it finished, I may put it up for sale, but I don’t want to have to compete with the “every possible feature” eq plugins.

Fair enough. Makes me curious why you don’t want to

It’s still my go to EQ, with TDR Nova for dynamic EQ-ing (which is probably my favorite free plugin). And a few character eq plugins to add that little extra. Just wondering where you want to improve on Rea EQ (other than improving capabilities like mid/side).

I don’t like the UX. It’s hard to micro-adjust settings because it uses sliders with no fine tuning control. I don’t like how hard it is to tell which tab is open. There’s no color coding on the filters, so I constantly find myself adjusting the wrong one. In fact, I don’t like tabbed EQ controls, even though I know that’s the new cool thing. I want all my controls visible at once. The graphics give very minimal feedback about what’s going on. I don’t love the spectrum analyzer. It doesn’t have “Hi-Q” filters. ReaEQ is a great EQ plugin with a clunky interface, and since I find myself spending a lot of time using EQ, I want one that feels better to me.

I love the High Shelf/Low Shelf turning into a Low Pass/High Pass when you bring the gain down. I copied that feature.

I prefer coming up with new things that haven’t been done. The EQ market is heavily saturated, and I don’t really even like using EQs that do everything. I prefer simple and fast to use, so it’s just a market I have no interest in competing in.

Is there any reason to install the VST2 AND the VST3 versions? I’ve been installing VST3 (if it’s available) only for all of my plugins.

Not really. I usually install VST2, but that’s just because I like the way VST2 works in Reaper better. I don’t like that VST3 has hijacked the right click button for it’s own use.

That’s why I like (and own a couple of ) your plugins!
Thanks for the explanation. I am now aware of problems which I was not aware I had :thinking:

I didn’t know you can turn the shelving eq into a band pass. I guess I only use shelves with a relatively small gain reduction. I quite like the tab menu and prefer sliders to knobs, but you’re right about finding the right point on the graph in the tabs. I get the wrong one sometimes. Nova has a feature where you can change the order of the numbers so they’re in a logical order. I like that. And you’re right about the spectrum analyser too. You can’t adjust the detail so it’s hard to tell which frequencies are dominant.
Looking forward to trying your new plug!

I like that one too! In general, I really like the Nova UI.

There’s a lot to be said about a straightforward no nonsense workable UI - I’m thinking Mongoose and The Wall. (Which happens to be on sale right now!)

Update: I added a spectrum analyzer and output meter, and made some minor graphics changes. It’s still ugly. Still Windows Only.


Well I got excited about it, but I gotta ask…can I use this in studio one? I have never tried to add anything. I have grandkids to help right now. Thanks for making this available.

Yep. Just run the installer and choose the VST3 version, and it should show up in Studio One automatically. It doesn’t require any sort of registration or anything.

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Thank you!

I really like the spectrum analyzer in there.
I like too when you turn if off it freezes the image of the frequencies.

BTW What is the purpose of the Frequency Offset? Is it for checking audibly if your are affecting the right frequency range?

Observation - It seemed a bit unusual the Q strength affects all bands. I tried a workaround by only turning on one band at a time to set different Q strengths, but they once they are all on, of course, they all get affected…maybe this helps smooth the overall sound?..Is there an advantage I’m missing to have a global Q strength as opposed to on each band?

Sorry if my noob experience is too strong here…just curious…but overall I’m thankful for your generosity.