Free AmpSim!

Black Rooster Audio is giving their “Cypress TT-15” ampsim away , free!

This would be great to play a sample of my grandmother knitting sweaters through it, if I had a grandmother…but hell put one of them geetars through it!

Here you damn junkie:


does it come with a cab emulation as well, or is it just the amp?

Thanks Cpt - I’ll have a look

I think it is a 1 12" cab emulation.

The link says it has a 2x12 speaker emulation that can be switched off.


I’m guessing that is an Orange OR-15 sim? I’ll check it out!

Anyone having trouble with the registration process? I joined up but still haven’t received the activation email.

I joined up and received the email, but haven’t downloaded the plugin yet. Is it still not sending the email @Firedance?

No email yet @holster . I was able to download the sim though…

I haven’t tried it yet but hoping it’s not a demo version that needs activating or something. We’ll see what happens.

Did you ever work on anything with this plugin?

No luck Al - I think I just abandoned it shortly after.

It’s not like I’m short of free ampsims so I’ll manage I think!:grin:

Fair enough. Thanks for the reply.