Free Amplitube Orange Tiny Terror until may 6


You know, I got a Fender Amp a while back through the Custom Shop and I’m still trying to figure out how to use the thing. I thought it would just show up as a plugin…

I think you have to use download the Amplitube 4 “Free” framework. I’m still on version 3, but that is how all my Amplitube stuff works.

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So it’s in the Amplitude plugin then? Hmmm…

I don’t have AmpliTube CustomShop but I do have AmpliTube 4 (free). Will the Orange Tiny Terror amp model work in AmpliTube 4, or do I need to purchase AmpliTube CustomShop in order to use that plugin?

Don’t take any of this as gospel… I’m just going on my past experience…

I have some Amplitube “Collections” I purchased ages ago, namely the “Hendrix” amps, the “Metal” amps and the “Ampeg” bass stuff. This came within the Amplitube 2 framework. I happily used it for a loooonnng time, then suddenly, one day the main plugin I use - the Ampeg bass - stopped working. It was VERY annoying.

I ventured out of my ancient plugin bubble to explore what the interwebs had to say about it. It seems that in the meantime, Amplitube had disgarded the version 2 framework and moved on to bigger and better things with version 3. Further research revealed that all I had to do to get my “collections” working again was to download the Ampitube 3 basic “free” framework.

Note that the basic Amplitube framework is connected to their “Custom Shop”, which is a basically a desktop app “installer/purchasing portal” framework, which tempts you with all sorts of other guitar goodies, “bonus points” etc etc. So far I have resolutely resisted all and sundry, because the last thing I need at this point is more choices.

Happy to report that, at this point it is all working fine… although probably only until they bring out the next version of Amplitube…

…So that is my (probably somewhat dated) understanding of how it all works).

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Thanks for the explanation Andrew.

I’ll try getting this Orange Tiny Terror and see what happens.

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Ah… just noticed this in the instructions on the link above…

After subscribing and confirming your subscription, launch AmpliTube Custom Shop on your computer. A notification will pop-up, informing you that Orange Tiny Terror was added to your account as a gift. Close the AmpliTube Custom Shop and restart AmpliTube 4 to activate the new amp model.

… so this confirms that it all should still work in the way I described. (Bold text added by me)

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When I open AmpliTube Custom Shop I don’t get a notification pop-up. I see that I can purchase the Tiny Terror but when I attempt to purchase it I get a window that pops up saying, “You don’t have enough credits to buy Tiny Terror”.

I’ll keep trying to figure this out for a bit and see if I can get it working.

You’re right - thanks!

Also you may need to “Reload My Gear” or whatever it is in the Custom Shop. I got a window that popped up, then spent 20 minutes scrolling through a bunch of amps I don’t own and getting a pop-up every time I tried to load a Preset that I didn’t have the pieces for, which was most of them. But it was there.

Thanks IK!

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I can log in to the IK web site with my account… I have some older ‘freebies’ registered there and see my previous serials… downloaded Amplitube and installed. Fired it up and cannot log in to my account in Amplitube. Just keeps saying “Please Close and Reopen your client.” This is probably why I removed it the last time I tried it.

Advice to IK… if you’re going to give me something for ‘free’ to lure me in, make sure it’s not going to piss me off. :frowning:

update: Gave it another try… even though I just downloaded and installed, it suddenly says the auth app is out of date… so I got the new one. Still won’t let me log in. So I tried to reset my password. Previously it said that it couldn’t and an error has occurred. This time it let me reset. (remember this was a password that I already logged in to the web site and obtained my serials with!) Lo and behold, the Custom Shop app suddenly liked the NEW password and it logged in. What the hell? It probably wasn’t worth the effort… but that got me in.

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I really wanted to like Amplitube but no dice. No matter how it was adjusted it always sounded like a jar of bees. The feel when playing through it is also way too synthetic and sterile for me. I’ll stick to my 100 watt heads and 4x12 cabs.

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I have to agree. Not impressed at all with the TT. Maybe because I don’t have access to the right cab to pair with it. Of all the Amplitube stuff I have, the one that most impressed me was the Peavey 5150 emulation… that sounds great when you turn down the gain and crank the output volume.

Amplitube always had a sound to me that rubbed me the wrong way. It’s sort of a scratchy, upper-mids heavy sound to all their cabs. It’s been years since I’ve tried it, so maybe it’s worth giving it another shot. I have so many amps sims though it would be just for the sake of it being interesting to see how my perception has changed over the years.

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Been pretty happy with Amplitube, I am still on version 3 although am moving up to 4 as I have to finish production on a LP first and then take the upgrade in case something breaks…

So far overall I’ve been user since ver.2 - no glitches and issues whatsoever, get great sounds, the Fender stuff is exceptionally good. Some of the hi gain stuff I have to pair with an outside speaker emulation, but that’s OK with me.

The Ampeq stuff is great.

As time went I got better with the speakers and other adjustments, you have to play around with all the configurations, cabs, mic placement and “room”, the last one is often overlooked.

If you want to try some IR speaker plugins with the TT - get NadIR and load up free Marshall Ir’s

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