FREE Ampeg Amp from Plugin Alliance today!



Wow is this permanently free or just 14 days free?

They’re giving it away for the first 30 days! From the email:

Channel 2 of The Classic Ampeg Sound !
The new Ampeg SVT-VR “Classic” plugin produces the same authentic bass tone as the original SVT-VR but limited to one channel (actually, Ch 2) and the essential features - for incredible simplicity and ease of use. This plugin is $99 MSRP, but we’re giving it away for free during the first 30 days. Grab your copy now!

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Cool, just snagged it. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for the heads up.

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Sure thing. Let us know how you get on with it. :slight_smile:

Will do. :+1:

For me, clinking the link leads to a page where I can either try it for 14 days or purchase it at half the price but it’s not free.

Enter the code in the first thread when you’re checking out and it’ll reduce the price to $0.

Oh I missed the part with the code, thanks!

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Like it says, you are are the Grand Master!

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Thanks miked. Installed!

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Awesome. Thanks to PA! They make some great plugins and this is a really nice of them to give away! :slight_smile:

Just tried it on a mix: not bad at all!

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