Free 4 day "vocal athlete intensive" singing course

I signed up and just got the 1st day but I havent looked at it yet as its late.

This is from Robert Lunte who has the program called ‘The Four Pillars of Singing’. The Four Pillars was basically the program i used to cut my teeth on singing 2 years ago so im pretty sure the 4 day program will be a recap for me

If some of you have never had any vocal training this will probably be a cool thing

Peace, JJ

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Thanks Jon-Jon.
I signed up. Hopefully we gain some useful knowledge in this course.

Did you check it out yet? What did you think. From watching the video I thought it was the Tweedle brothers (Dee and Dum)! Got a big chuckle out of that. I couldn’t take it seriously at all by watching their video.

hehe. Well like I said, im already intensely knowledgeable about what they will be teaching even before I see what it is because I already bought the course 2 years ago lol.

I did watch the first vid though and its pretty good…basically explaining that a singing voice and a speaking voice are two totally different things and showing some exercises.

Lunte is pretty quirky…but then again so are most online vocal teachers. I judge more by the info presented since I have become a student of the game

That being said, I find it hard to take seriously anything that Steve Albini says while he is wearing his garbage man coveralls

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