Four point editing

Spent the day learning how to use four point editing now that we have Sequoia in the studio.
Fantastic., Comped acoustic guitar in half the time it used to take cutting and pasting.

That’s a neat feature in Sequoia. For anyone who doesn’t know what it is, it allows multiple edits and clips to be moved to designated places in a session with one button click. Its really just copy/paste on steroids. But in most other daws you have to continuously re-designate your paste/destination point every single time, or manage the paste points them from within a marker list.

Nuendo has a system like this built in. Pro tools guys have to use empty dummy clips at the paste points instead. But its annoying because they can get in the way of your non-dummy clips quickly. And then you have to go through and manually delete them later. I don’t even think Logic has a system like this. Really handy for ADR and video editing, but this system in Sequoia is really streamlined. Also handy for managing game audio sounds.