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Forum Collab 1


Midi Drums
Do you know how to post midi stuff properly?
Hope this works. Download and rename the file extension to .mid


hmm. no download button. maybe you could zip it up and upload it.


Something is amiss here, the play button doesn’t even work.

You can drag and drop any file into your message edit window, no special procedure needed. Should work just fine. (He said confidently)


Actually, I don’t recall adding MIDI files to the upload list. It probably would’ve made more sense to drop these in someone’s Dropbox and zip them to one file.


Oops! Well, one of the credos I live by is “Often in error, never in doubt”…


No room? here… hold my beer.


Sorry I was busy for a couple days. Did you guys figure out the midi file I posted earlier. I saved my drums as a .MID but couldn’t upload it so I renamed it to .MP3. I get that It doesn’t work in the player. I am able to right mouse click the player and save the file to my desktop then rename it back to .MID. I was then able to drag the .MID file into my project and it looked all good.


That’ll work!!


Got antsy. Added a measure at the beginning. Still room for guitar :wink:





Somehow, you guys really have to figure out a way to work this into the song. Haha!


You mean the moves or ? :stuck_out_tongue:


It should end with a big deep fart though :smiley:


Sometimes I just have to come back to this one, and feel the joy this tune brings me :smiley: hahaha