Forum Collab 1

Forum Collab 1


Maybe once we have a full set of tracks, we can have the stems uploaded somewhere and people can do a mix contest with them. :grin:


Where’s captain when we need him?


I was just now thinking the same. The faggot and the bass fight to much :slight_smile:

I know right :stuck_out_tongue: The tune is stuck in my head for almost 2 days now lol.
But it sort of needs a sec tune for the blank spaces between the main melodie for it to realy make a never ending loop :slight_smile:


I think you’re using that word in a way most of us are unaccustomed to… certainly I am anyway! Could you please elaborate??


I was just thinking the same thing!


This is a faggot :stuck_out_tongue: LoooL


Ah, OK! Definitely not the way that word is typically used in the US! I’d not heard that term for a bassoon before…!


hihihi :slight_smile: I’m not 100% sure, that it was this instrument I heard in @bozmillar his addings, but thats how they call it here.
btw the dude looks like a douch, so it thought it was a good pic as a response :smiley:


The pink shirt is a dead giveaway.


Hahahaha! That totally stopped me in my tracks too! :joy:


Well, is anyone going to pick up this torch and carry it to the next level?? It still needs some seasoning…!


I was thinking on singing a melody line early on, but it has so much going on now. it’s way too late. It is very catchy as is. This gave me some ideas now to try creating a song with just a drum track first. Never done that before. To me this was like make this joke funnier. You hear a tune and one immediately has some ideas?? The talent on this forum is scary good:)




I think the momentum for this song has kinda ran out due to no room to add stuff. The next time we do this we should all post our layer with the mix so the next guy can edit himself into it easier. Is it too late to go back and post all our tracks, have Paul come up with a vocal then find someone who’s main priority is mixing? Or should we use this as a learning experience and go on with the next project?


I think we should finish this, or at least make the tracks available for mixing :smiley:


I’ll export and upload my tracks.


No problem for me to provide my track too.


Rather than a “mix contest”, what about making it a REmix contest?


Here’s my part without drums.


And here is my bass track, both with the Eddie Kramer plugin and just plain dry.

Remember: I added half a measure at the start so that I had some space to start playing the moment the drums came in-- the original post had them starting up the instant the file began. So (re)mixers need to take that into account. That’s why the length of my bass track is 2:12 instead of 2:10. The tempo change now occurs at measure 74.5.

First with the Kramer plugin:

Next completely dry:


He is my melodie fyle. Mine is still without the halve bar added by Chordwainer.

Have fun :slight_smile:
I’ll see when I can do a version ! Maybe add some guitar or something.

@Rdig Is it possible to upload a midifile for the drums, so we can sample if we want ? :slight_smile: