Forkupines: 'Sleep By The Fire, Bloom In Water , mix

Rock mix

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sounding great on my headphones but could use a bit more separation to the guitars around 1:44 to 2min when listening on my monitors in terms of both panning and depth. Assuming it was mixed on headphones?

Cheers,its good to know its sounding ok.Yeah on phones .Thinking of getting a pair of NS 10s just to break the phones mixing up a bit .Expensive now tho

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Hey Alan, sounding good. The tricky part with this mix is to get the chorus to hit right.

It’s actually more a production problem than a mix problem, because there is a kind of a spectral “gap” between the low end of the guitars (which are really lightweight-sounding) and the bass on it’s own doesn’t seem to supply the needed “oomph” to really punch the listener in the guts as it should.

I think the guitars are too top-endy sounding and dense in that high mid/high area of the frequency range during the verses. They tend to compete with the vocal somewhat. And then, when the chorus does come in, there isn’t any real change of texture in the elements to indicate more gravity in the sound…

So, for the production to have the necessary payoff, it means you have to work extra hard as a mixer to make up for the lack in the production. The reason I’m being so specific is because I mixed this track, and I remember the challenges it entailed. My mix is here, and Mike Senior did a “Patron’s Podcast” breakdown of my mix of the track here (only accessible to those who support Mike S on Patreon) where he goes into some of those challenges.

Overall you’ve got the makings of a good mix here, but I think this one takes quite a bit of extra effort to get it to fully realise its potential.

I agree totally mate,good mix you done there

Typing as I listen and on new headphones.

Absolutely loving the kick and bass pairing. Punchy as all get out in those verses. I feel like (ironically) that the vocals are tucked a little too deep into the mix in the chorus and could easily come up some. I say ironic as I am notorious for burying my vocals.
Love the harmonised effect in the verses too, reminds me of a band called Cynic.

Bass guitar seems to disappear quite a bit in the bridge - in fact it could probably come up a bit more when the mix is more sparse in that area, as it is playing quite a melodic role and is being missed.
Vocals sound great and blend and mesh well across the entire song.
Really cool song and I really enjoyed the textures and layers within it. Nice job!

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