For Those About to Bach

Here are some serious Heavy Metal musicians. And yeah I stole the AC/DC pun.

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Not enough coffee in Brazil for me to play that fast.

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Very cool video. I enjoyed that !

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The electric guitar as a string section - great stuff!.. Brings back memories too - One of the bands I was in used to play Toccata live occasionally.

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Some parts aren’t that hard, but to remember all that is tough. I thought at first there were keyboards or guitar synth parts but I’m pretty sure it’s all straight (effects maybe) guitar.

Yeah, it shows how versatile a solid body and a Marshall can be. I can’t find anywhere that says what their rig set ups are, would be interesting to know.

Great choice, it’s been in so many movies and TV it’s familiar to everybody. It’s perfect for shred too with the driving rhythm and repeated notes. The original was for theater organ which has kind of a distorted sound that these guys got pretty close to.

This video is from eight years ago and I can’t find a current website for these guys, it would be interesting to know what they are up to now.


It is interesting, but it Shook Me All Night Wrong. :wink: The videographer’s camera was clearly Back in Black and White. :joy:

I’ll give it that. The instrumentation and use of effects is impressive.

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