"Flow Through" redo with fresh vocals needs bashing

So I had a good buddy of mine re-track my original vocals, in addition to tightening up a few things mix-wise.
I’d be interested to get your thoughts on how the song is working (or not), and if there’s any glaring issues that I’ve overlooked.

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The vocals are a little lost when they come in. They seem to sit better as the song moves on. i could use a little more space for the bass as well. that could be personal taste but i think the guitars are hogging too much space.

Good classic rock track. I agree with Redworks. The bass could be a little more prominent. Also, I think the whole track lacks a bit of warmth, warming up the bass might just do the trick.
The vocals are good, but maybe a little to much up front. In particular in the verses, they don´t sit well in the mix to my ears. Maybe a bit more delay and or reverb?

Terry !

amazing work. Dig that bassline !!! About the mix, all good !
About the arrangement, vocals and guitars, really nice, a big rock’s block !
I am not really fan of the drums sound that is very too modern for the song
and for my taste. I earn some dusty virtual kits if you want to send to me a midi
track. If it is you vision, no problem. You did (one more time) a huge/cool work


How’s it going Terry?

I’m new here, but I’m listening to your track and have a few things to comment.

Echoing @Aef on this one, I think the bass could stand to punch out a little more. It feels like, for this song, it could use a bit more grit and a bit more push in the mids. I like what the bass is doing (very active) but I definitely would like to hear more of it.

Guitars sound nice; maybe a slight boost in the high end? Not too much. You want to keep your tone but they could have a bit more presence.

Vocal performance is great. It’s not sitting the mix where I’d like it, but I think that’s taste. I’d push it more in the verses. Pre-Chorus placement sounds good. Chorus is asking for more treatment. It’s good. I know it can be better. But that’s, again, taste.

In my opinion, the only “issue” might be the drums. The drums are what they are and are good for what they are (I assume they’re virtual). I would’ve liked to hear more of the ride itself as opposed to the bell. It sounds like they’re not necessarily clashing with your vocals but distracting from your vocals (especially in the verses).

Great song! I’d like to hear more if you end up reworking it.

Hey thanks for the great feedback @redworks @Aef @Moa22 @sdbdigital
They’re all really valid points, and listening back after a bit of a break, I can pretty much agree with everything mentioned.
Have been a bit busy as of late so not too much time for mixing but I’m hoping I can revisit it soon and fix some of these issues.
@Moa22 Man I’d have no problems trying a new drum sound, and I 100% agree a more vintage sound would work nicely. I tend to use the same kit in SSD time after time because I have it mapped to where I know what’s going on in my piano roll, whereas if I load a different kit setup it fucks with all my mapping and throws everything into disarray, hence the reason I tend to stick to that particular sound.
I’ve given guys midi drum files before with less than perfect results, and to be honest, I know very little about the intricacies of the process, but definitely willing to have a try.

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