Fishmed’s “Pesonality” mix to Bash

My mix is more on the “POP” side of rock, but hopefully I have not lost the feel or the drive of the song. Enjoy, and I look forward to your feedback.

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nice, I dig it

Everything sounds correct to my ear. There are things I was thinking about bringing to my mix (not done yet) and you did them with your mix… and they work well. I won’t be too specific about what you did well, the competition will get unbearable if I were to do that… lol. My overall comment is that you know how to use your gear to get the most of the tracks you’ve been given.

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Hey Fishmed, welcome to the forum!

This is sounding very good - definitely one of the better mixes I’ve heard so far. This is the second time I’ve listened. I listened first on my cruddy little speakers at work. It sounded good there, but what caught my ear then was the high end on the kick drum. It just sounded a little bit too “tick-y” and unnatural.

Listening on my studio speakers, it still comes across that way, but perhaps not as noticeable. I’m thinking less boost in the 7-10k range but put a little in the 3-5k. The kick is also very “soft” sounding in the low end - very “cushion-y”. I think this type of track might be served better by a kick that punches a little harder in the 80-150 hz range

Overall a pretty cool mix - I especially like the vocals - nicely done!

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Good sounding mix. Just to add to what others have said, I think the snare could use a little more beef to it. Maybe a boost around 250, the snare just seems to have a lot of high end in it. The vocals could be pushed a little more. In a pop mix, normally the vocals would be pushed almost to a point of being too loud and the guitars would be just about buried.


Thank you all for the feedback. @ColdRoomStudio & @Drgamble please let me know if this new version addresses your points.

I used the " " to denote that it was not pop, just more on the “poppy” side compared to the original mix, but thank you for pointing out the finer points of mixing actual pop music. :+1:

I listened to the new mix on headphones so take that into consideration. :slight_smile: Overall its pretty good though I find the snare is a little too upfront for me, you could smooth out the top end a bit as it sounds a bit thin, but maybe just pulling it back a couple of db might make it sit a little better in the mix.

This is just a matter of taste but I do think the bass could be more defined, boosting a little bit in the low mids could make it a bit rounder and hold its own a bit more and could allow you to tighten up the bottom end of the track. Maybe a little more highs would also push it in a more “poppy” direction.

Sounds like you are making a lot of progress, hope to hear more from you!

Listening to your latest version. Nice balance overall. A bit bright perhaps, but that’s the case of most mixes I’ve heard so far, so I suppose it’s coming from the sources/style.
One thing that I hear that doesn’t sound good (IMHO of course) is the kind of flanging you’ve got going on on the distorted guitars, especially the lead. I would be happier without, but it’s a taste thing, no doubt.
Otherwise, it’s pretty solid. Good job! :slight_smile:

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Yes, I agree about the snare level. I was about to post to see if anyone else thought it was a tad loud, you beat me to it.

Good mix, have a listen to the kick and you will notice that the excessive click happens only on the hardest hits. What I did was I chooped the kick up and replaced the hardest hits with a bit softer ones to get rid of that click. Try that.

I think this will be my last revision, but I thought I would post here before submitting it as my official entry. Again, thank you everyone for your valuable input.

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A really well balanced mix! The lead guitar at the end is a little overwhelming, but that may be the intention.

@evanwood yes, the lead guitar was intended to be over the top. :scream_cat:

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