Fishmed Official Personality Mix

Here is my final mix for the contest. Enjoy!


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A little mid-heavy and bloated, but I dig the guitar sound. Just a little lacking in highs. The vocals sound pretty good too. Maybe a high-pass filter would help it out. The de-esser on the vocals sounds like it’s turned up a bit too high as well. Overall one of the better mixes so far though. I’d use less compression, but that’s just me.


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Nice “dynamic range” on this mix, but more saturation on mid range would be nice, I think… Good luck & cheers, mate! :smile:

Sounds very good to me. Top end is smooth, balances fine, bottom strong.

THere may be a small problem with lowest sub area, I’m not sure, but meters might tell that.

Sounds really good. I would personally add a little high-shelf boost on the overall mix, but that’s it.

Good overall sound. Nice colour of vocal, good guitars. Maybe it needs (all mixdown) bit more of air (high freq). Bassguitar seems too massive beside a bit weak kick drum.
Good luck.

Good mix. Kick seems to be buried a bit and has too much click on the hardest hits. Well done.

Sound pretty good. I like the guitar sounds a lot - snare sounds good too.

The kick drums is a little too “woolly/pillowy” sounding - that 80-150hz range (at a guess) is popping out a bit too much. Reining that in would tighten up the low end a lot.

The vocal sits a bit too much “on top of” the mix - cutting some low end/low mids would help it integrate into the mix better and sound more “proportionate”.

The “gasping” breaths come across quite loud - they definitely needed some attention.

Overall, nice work!

Well balanced.
I would add high-end over 10k on the master buss.

I would like to break away from everyone’s opinion on this track, and share some thoughts that came to mind as I was listening.

  1. This is a highly advanced observation, and something I learned when trying to understand why the Irish pop group the Corrs had such a ‘weak’ sounding band. Don’t forget, Mutt Lang produced one of their songs. It wasn’t that the bands backing tracks were weak, it was that the lead vocalist had a soft voice, and an aggressively recorded/mixed set of backing tracks would not work with such a soft sounding female voice. There is at least one YouTube video of a young girl, singing with a AAA Nashville band, and the backing tracks are too aggressive for her (just slightly). If you fail to do what’s apropriate with the agressive/soft mix dynamic, something just won’t sound right. So… that’s why I like this mix… the backing tracks are not too agresive for this soft male voice.

  2. There were quite a few comments about high frequencies? I think it has more to do with the control of THD. I would be curious to know where the metering was during the mix. High metering can create distortion & loss of fidelity. Certain plugins can add processing distortion. The act of making an .mp3 can introduce distortion. Not using a phase linear EQ, and/or compressor can have an unintended effect on things. Not having access to a frequency controlled thd generator can leave a mix lacking in some areas. Put another way… sounds like some unintended thd was introduced, and trying to figure out where it came from may be difficult… juxtaposed to a need for controlled thd at certain frequencies. A vintage plugin at the final mix buss might be just the thing.

Anyway, these are advanced mixing ideas, and I’m sure you would have (or probably already have) played around with everything I’ve mentioned.


Hey Fishmed, nice mix! Good balances and vibe. Nice vocal sound. I agree that high passes on the guitars would probably clean up your low-mids… The attack on the kick is a little inconsistent… (I had two compressors and a limiter on mine…) Also a little wet for my taste, but it’s a nice vibe. Small stuff; good job!

I’m new here: hope you don’t mind the critiques… I actually prefer to have people tell me what they don’t like or what they would do differently… If I only wanted to hear “the mix is great” I’d just listen to myself… :wink:

If you have the chance, please listen to my mix and comment; I’d appreciate it!

Mike K Mix of Personality

Nice wide mix allowing the vocal lots of space. works well. I find that the bass guitar is missing, pulling some low mids out those guitars would have probably given space to allow the bass to be present. Mind you every one is saying i overdid it the bass on my mix so … yeah take it with a grain of salt. Thanks for sharing.

Very nice mix!

I like the sound of the guitars.
The voice is very nice
I am not a huge fan of large echos/reverb on vocals, but that is just me personal taste.
I think the kick could be more present.
The base is rather soft. And the mids more present than I would do.
I think you could have featured the lead guitar somewhat more.

Good luck!