First time mixing in 6 months

Hi Guys,

Its good to see you’re all still active. I’ve been away for some time and haven’t had the chance to mix and visit the forums in a while. But it does feel good to be back. Here’s a mix I’ve been working on lately. I’ve had the privilege of working with a local band that’s garnering a lot of following lately. to be honest, I haven’t mixed in months and I feel that my ears are still adjusting and I need your help. How’s the mix sounding to you? Let me know if it needs more (or less) and how to improve it. Thanks in advance guys!



Hi @brianinogang. What a banger. Brings me back to my angsty nu metal days :metal:
I listened several times and couldn’t find anything to complain about, and I think this is pretty close to a finished product. You did an excellent job man. Cheers :beerbanger:

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Hi Jonni
Thank you very much for the kind words. I’ve checked your work and damn you have some killer stuff goin on. Link me up with some of your released material. I’m really lovin em.

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Awesome sound Outdid my morning coffee. Loved the sound and singing at 45 second spot. good break from the madness. ha ha what fun congrats


First time in 6 months?!? You’re kickin’ butt! Well done, at least on my laptop. Keep it going!!

@brianinogang Hey thanks a lot man. I feel bad hijacking your thread to post my stuff, but since you asked, here it is:

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Sounds pretty amazing Brian. As a person who grew up at a time where vocals tended to outline the main melody, I can’t handle the screamo vox but musically, this just slams very hard.

In the faster chorus (clean-sung) parts of the song where there is some double kick action happening, the low end gets a bit blurry and indistinct. Perhaps tightening up the sustain of the kick to work better with the big fat bass there might help.

The other thing I wonder about is the pretty insane RMS/LUFs levels you have going on here. My monitor controller meter is just pinned in the red. I’m certainly no anti-loudness crusader. In fact, I’d go so far as to say there is definitely a lot to be learned about mixing by pushing loudness to the limit and still getting it to sound good.

That said, I wonder if you’re not making your job harder than it needs to be by pushing the levels so hard. Just checking it with the Klangfreund LUFs meter, the intergrated loudness reads -5.9LUFs. That’s, as they say “crankin’”. From all accounts, a track measuring this level may be turned down somewhere in the vicinity of 7-8dB if broadcast on some of the streaming services.

While I understand high RMS levels may be expected for this genre, you could probably afford to give yourself a little more room to breath. I think the musical result would be better for it.


This is so frickin wicked! :metal::metal::metal: I really love how you wrote them. I have a couple of questions if its okay? Do you have any guidelines in writing riffs? and also, what drums do you use? Sounds really sweet man!

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the comments. They are really spot on as usual. Thank you very much for the kind words. I’ve pushed the multicomp in the drum buss harder to tame those double peds. I’ve made another mix before reading your comment and here it is. Coincidentally, your comments were the ones I was having 2nd thoughts of. I haven’t adjusted the RMS yet but will do that. I’ve been using Periphery 3 as my reference track while mixing but the thing I missed is the low end. It was too much power for the limiter which distorted the whole track.

Here’s the latest mix. I would really appreciate it if you guys have a listen to it again. Thanks in advance!

Yeah this sounds a little tighter and more refined in the low end - there is more definition during those sections - cool.

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Thanks very much for reassuring with the low end Andrew. It was very very helpful. I’ve already submitted the mix to the band and they’re happy with the results. Thanks for the tips guys! I could not have made the mix better without your thoughts on it. Youre the best :slight_smile: cheers!

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