First mix trying mix bus

Thoughts ?

The one thing I can’t unhear is the delay on the wah wah, not an echo - just an ‘always behind the beat’, wait for the tonal changes.

No matter, can you be more specific as to what plugin ‘mix bus’ is? Maybe post the original mix for comparison?

Mixbus is a DAW

ahh, the Harrison Mixbus… never felt the need to try it. Is it any better than what you had?

Its just different workflow and based on a Harrison mixing desk.Its pretty analog sounding too

I like it cool vibe. I don’t know if would have sounded any different in another DAW. But hey if the work flow is right for you than it probably does sound a little different.

I love the work flow its so quick to mix .Sound wise not a lot in it using saturation etc in protools

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Hey, from what I listen, it sounds pretty good and I found it nicely glued together.

The only thing I would add is cutting a bit of low mid freq since I found it too prominent on the bass guitar and drums.

Nice work for a first try!

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