First day with the most amazing free plugin I've ever seen in my entire life!

Woohoooo!!! I kid you not. The most amazing feature that audio has ever invented. And I just tried it for the first time today.


It works!
It works!!
OMG!! It works :smiley:

Price = FREE! Can you believe that?

Someone invite me and I’ll prove it!

Follow these steps, and your workflow will never be the same.

Woah! I saw mention of it at NAMM, but I didn’t actually get to check it out. I better get this going!!

Bryan, do you have ProTools?

I haven’t watched any demos of it, but if it does what I think it does, that would be awesome, and I would expect everyone else to follow along. I’ll have to upgrade PT and test it out.

So…not exactly “free” but a feature of new pro tools?

Seems really cool. I would think that it would at least depend on your internet connection being fast enough though?

This would be amazing for remote-mixing opportunities. Instead of just offering mixing critiques and mixing advice, someone could actually offer real-time mixing lessons or help you fix up your mix in real time. Or if you paid someone to mix your tracks, but wanted to be there for the session, you could just be there remotely. I love the possibilities here.

If you have PT you can add on to the plan…its an extra $5/month for 10 gigs. But if you’re only collaborating on a couple songs at a time, the basic cloud storage is included with your system ID. I think this started back in PT 11, but I’m just getting onboard now.

No not really. I have a very average speed internet. I was surprised at how fast it moved despite that. Compared to Dropbox, YouTransfer, or the Amazon Drive (which I think move decently fast), this thing is really quick.

Now those types of things are dang near instant. I was thinking about this all last night, and I’m gonna start using it to do mix-coaching. If I’m looking at your session, and make an EQ and compressor move on your DAW, that updates in seconds. My understanding is that it transfers the change-log, sort of like Apple Time Machine.

Here’s Avid Cloud in a nutshell. Lets say Jonathan is shooting a keyboard track for Cristina for the song Wasteland.

First Cristina needs to sign into Pro Tools using her Avid ID’s (ProTools menu -> Sign in).

Instead of creating a PT ‘session’, Cristina opens Wasteland and re-saves Wasteland as a ‘Project’.

When Cristina toggles ‘Track Collaboration’ the project buttons become visible and enabled on Cristina’s DAW.

02 AM copy

Next, Jonathan sings in using his Avid ID (ProTools menu -> Sign in).

Then both of us open the chat window inside Protools (Window Menu -> Chat).

From this chat window, Cristina invites Jonathan to the project. Jonathan now accepts, then can open the project using his own PT HD rig, hardware, and mixing console.

Jonathan records his track and hits the green button next to the piano track. This SENDS the newly recorded track (or anything that was changed/updated) on that track to Cristina’s DAW. When Cristina makes a change, it will appear orange on Jonathans DAW to indicate a change was made. Jonathan hits the ‘down’ arrow RECEIVE an update on his PT per the changes that Cristina has just made on hers.

So its not true real-time like Source Connect. But its the next best thing. This is very very easy to set up. You simply sign in and share it. There’s no server, IT, hardware peripheral, or HD subscription involved.

The other cool thing is that I use a plugin that Cristina doesn’t have, the plugin still appears on her DAW but is greyed out and inactive. So if I use a UAD Massive Passive on the vocal, she can see what plugin is sitting there.