Finally! The Tournament Begins!

Finally! The Tournament Begins!


Thank you to everyone that has participated. I sure hope you all learned a lot and had fun.

I ran into quite a headache as I made several attempts to factor in the community commenting, etc., but I finally figured it out. The pairings below are a result of the community scoring and commenting of participants factored in. Now we can get on with the judging. The judging process has been ironed out from the previous contest and I expect that to go quite smoothly.

SOOOOO… Here are your contestants…

The Sweet 16

@FluteCafe vs @JayGee
@Miked vs @doubletrackinjive
@CPF vs @takka360
@bozmillar vs @Jclampitt
@ManAbyss vs @AaronNarace
@Moa22 vs @jetwolf
@Jerze vs @BigAlRocks
@redworks vs @terryhesticles

Good luck to you all!!


@takka360. Somehow I knew it would be down to you and I. Well all I can say is…

I love the world.


looks like a lot of work! you went through comments from 16 people? wow . I am glad you pooled in 16 instead of 8 though. Gives more people a chance. Community votes were so close within close decimals, might as well have been a lottery for top 8 at that point.
I think it could be a lot of fun if you did a different kind of mixing event as well but in a sort of raffle format. Like invite people to submit mixes and each mix would be a raffle entry, engage in conversations etc and then do a mega raffle. To win the mix must score above a certain score in community votes to avoid (cough ) certain mixes like what @CPF messaged me :stuck_out_tongue: I am scarred.
Good luck all!


In my defense I didn’t actually enter in any of those mixes. Toilet training mix would have won hands down, either that or the heavy metal guitar mix, or the out of tune vox demo mix, or the audio travesty mix, or the St. Anger mix, or the Death Magnetic master, or the Stream of Consciousness mix. Which one was your favorite of mine @cristina, out of curiosity? Heather Locklear.


Actually, I went through every single comment from all participants. Not just 16 ;). Thankfully, there weren’t hundreds of contestants on this one.
Regarding the raffle idea, we did that on the last contest and will certainly do that in the future too. This one was specifically an IK Multimedia contest, so it was done a tad different. But I agree, it’s great to add a bit of a random element to these.


Hey, Bryan. Is there any rhyme or reason to the order of the matchups? For instance, is FluteCafe vs JayGee at the top because they were the best?


If I remember the rules correctly it should be #1vs#16, #2vs#15, #3vs#14 etc…


I’m honored!! Good luck to all!!!


Good luck to everyone.


Congrats and good luck to everyone.
Oh, and judges need to listen to those mixes again :smile:


Congrats to everyone and good luck!


Congrats to everyone ,not sure what happens now I have no clue about this contest vote stuff


Happy to be still part of it.

But what are we supposed to do now ?



Congrats to all competing. Good luck to you all …


what are these mixes? Michelle never shared with me … please I am interested in the toilet training one as I am in love with nachos after dark


Nothing at all. Now it’s down to the judges :wink:



I added you to the PM.


hearing em now, crazy stuff lol


Good luck @Miked. I think you’re gonna kick my ass.