Finally! Amplifier technology caught up with my imagination!

This is a very cool amp… 20 years ago, I used to imagine something like this… and now it’s here! I don’t think I’ll be able to afford it in this lifetime, though :frowning_face:


Sweet. But €2850. Unless that price is missing a decimal somewhere, it’s above my paygrade! :slight_smile:

However, when that video finished it rolled over to another one of Paul’s videos, which is about inexpensive, guitar-ish gifts that go into a Xmas wish-list. So, check out this guitar cord that doesn’t do all that ground-noise stuff when you pull it out of the jack with the amp volume on. This is sweet, and practical! On my wish-list!

This demo is pretty incredible. Man…the range of sounds is pretty insane.


Cool stuff - Thanks. I found a video on how it works:

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Cool! Yes, that is a little more affordable!

Actually, I shouldn’t really say that about the price of the amp. For what it is, and what it does, that price isn’t outrageous at all. In fact, I just looked up the current price in euros of the amp that I currently own, and it is more expensive than the Hook!

Yes, that is super-impressive. A really nice, use-able range of sounds too. Does anybody remember that Neil Young has a system for automated preset changing of his amp settings? It’s called “The Whizzer”

Looks like they have taken that idea to its logical conclusion.


The 1/4 jack - this adds extra complexity that can create a problem that is worse than the solution, it can mute your signal for good if it malfunctions. No thanks…I’ll rather live with the “pop”.

In terms of amps - the Mesa Mark V takes care of everything I want in an amp but it is also in the $2.5k category, so it remains a dream for now. I play a Mesa Express 5:50 which gets close enough for me.

BTW I rocked a Sansamp PSA-1 for quite a while, which kinda had the idea behind the amp on here. That’s seriously cool tech, I’d love to demo one.